Gutter Skypes Actual Play session

September 28th, 2010

Our good friend Mark Kinney and the rest of the Gutter Skypes are running a playtest of Fringeworthy using the Micro 20 system.  I've skipped the character creation part, but you can find it on their site.

Here is part one of their playtest.

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Episode 38b: Fringeworthy in other campaigns - COC

September 26th, 2010

This week we explore the possibility of adding Fringeworthy to a Call of Cthulu campaign.  Most of the specific points of what Fringeworthy adds to this game were covered as the general benefits in last weeks episode so please listen to that first before this one.

The point of Fringeworthy to another game campaign is not to change that game into Fringeworthy.  Instead we suggest ways of using Fringeworthy to enhance your already awesome game with new options, motivation, and abilities, without changing the game's genre, tone, or goals.

Of course, if you do find your current game stale, as Trav says, "Fringeworthy is a shot in the arm!"

Based on the amount of discussion on this topic, we will be review one game campaign or genre a week so expect a lot more in the future.

03:00 - Where the portals tend to be located.

03:40 - The Fringeworthy bring advanced healing.

04:20 - The city of R'lyeh.

06:64 - Inserting Bureau 13.

08:28 - Bigger guns! Awwww yeah, we got bigger guns. Aw nuts, here come bigger monsters.

09:25 - Shifting characters to another setting.

10:45 - Fringeworthy as pulp superheroes in the Call of Cthulhu setting.

13:50 - Staying on the world, cause it's still only 1 in 100,000.

15:10 - Transitioning from one system to another via Fringeworthy.

19:00 - Tell us about how you've done this and we'll talk about it on a future show.

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Episode 38: Fringeworthy in other Game Worlds

September 20th, 2010

This week we explore adding Fringeworthy to another RPG game system campaign world.  How would you add Fringeworthy to your Call of Cthulu game?  Your superhero game?  Your D&D game?  And not derail your game or change your game's distinctive tone?

02:30 - The tone of the game.

06:10 - Things that the Fringeworthy can bring to your game. High altitude maps, drones, lost tech/knowledge, advanced weapons and tech.

17:25 - Prior to the Fringeworthy filter.

18:45 - Hazardous creature removal.

19:30 - Fringeworthy underwriters.

27:45 - Provide a tactical advantage by using a portal that's in a strategic location.

29:30 - Reintroduce lost medicine and materials to a post-holocaust world.

33:00 - How do you introduce the Fringeworthy to your campaign?

37:30 - How do you endear them to the players?

39:50 - The dangerous ideas the Fringeworthy bring with them.

41:45 - IDET arrives on a world where the fringe paths have already been discovered... and they need to be rescued.

Don't forget to check out the TravCast, Tuesdays at 8-9pm EST. It's awesome radio and a hell of a lot of fun!

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Episode 37: No Earth

September 12th, 2010

What happens when there is no Earth for a prime or an alt.  What happens when the Earth is destroyed.  Our 5 hosts explore the possibilities on this week's Fringeworthy Podcast.

02:35 – No Earth. What happens to a portal where the earth has been destroyed?

07:30 – Will the portal jump to another nearby planet?

09:15 – Random generated no Earth portal.

09:40 – Black hole destruction.

14:40 – Hatched Earth.

15:00 – Moon portal.

20:00 – The Earth is gone. What about the system? Where does the portal go?

24:00 – Could a node be cut out of the system?

33:00 – Fixing problem portals.

34:00 – When Earth’s collide. Crashing one Earth into another.

36:00 – Is Earth where humans live or the third rock from Sol?

42:46 – Is the portal rooted to the physical ground?

44:30 – Alternate astrophysical. Trav schools us!

49:20 – What do the Fringeworthy do on a “Lost Earth” adventure?

We return to our normal 1 hour episodes.

Watch for more news of our expanded coverage of Tri Tac Games.

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Episode 36.5 Exploring Ancient Japan pt 2

September 5th, 2010

We continue to explore the possibility of adventuring in Japan in the 5th to 11th centuries.  We list a number of helpful reference books for this time.

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