This week we explore adding Fringeworthy to another RPG game system campaign world.  How would you add Fringeworthy to your Call of Cthulu game?  Your superhero game?  Your D&D game?  And not derail your game or change your game's distinctive tone?

02:30 - The tone of the game.

06:10 - Things that the Fringeworthy can bring to your game. High altitude maps, drones, lost tech/knowledge, advanced weapons and tech.

17:25 - Prior to the Fringeworthy filter.

18:45 - Hazardous creature removal.

19:30 - Fringeworthy underwriters.

27:45 - Provide a tactical advantage by using a portal that's in a strategic location.

29:30 - Reintroduce lost medicine and materials to a post-holocaust world.

33:00 - How do you introduce the Fringeworthy to your campaign?

37:30 - How do you endear them to the players?

39:50 - The dangerous ideas the Fringeworthy bring with them.

41:45 - IDET arrives on a world where the fringe paths have already been discovered... and they need to be rescued.

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