Episode 38: Fringeworthy in other Game Worlds

September 20th, 2010

This week we explore adding Fringeworthy to another RPG game system campaign world.  How would you add Fringeworthy to your Call of Cthulu game?  Your superhero game?  Your D&D game?  And not derail your game or change your game's distinctive tone?

02:30 - The tone of the game.

06:10 - Things that the Fringeworthy can bring to your game. High altitude maps, drones, lost tech/knowledge, advanced weapons and tech.

17:25 - Prior to the Fringeworthy filter.

18:45 - Hazardous creature removal.

19:30 - Fringeworthy underwriters.

27:45 - Provide a tactical advantage by using a portal that's in a strategic location.

29:30 - Reintroduce lost medicine and materials to a post-holocaust world.

33:00 - How do you introduce the Fringeworthy to your campaign?

37:30 - How do you endear them to the players?

39:50 - The dangerous ideas the Fringeworthy bring with them.

41:45 - IDET arrives on a world where the fringe paths have already been discovered... and they need to be rescued.

Don't forget to check out the TravCast, Tuesdays at 8-9pm EST. It's awesome radio and a hell of a lot of fun!

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