Episode 37: No Earth

September 12th, 2010

What happens when there is no Earth for a prime or an alt.  What happens when the Earth is destroyed.  Our 5 hosts explore the possibilities on this week's Fringeworthy Podcast.

02:35 – No Earth. What happens to a portal where the earth has been destroyed?

07:30 – Will the portal jump to another nearby planet?

09:15 – Random generated no Earth portal.

09:40 – Black hole destruction.

14:40 – Hatched Earth.

15:00 – Moon portal.

20:00 – The Earth is gone. What about the system? Where does the portal go?

24:00 – Could a node be cut out of the system?

33:00 – Fixing problem portals.

34:00 – When Earth’s collide. Crashing one Earth into another.

36:00 – Is Earth where humans live or the third rock from Sol?

42:46 – Is the portal rooted to the physical ground?

44:30 – Alternate astrophysical. Trav schools us!

49:20 – What do the Fringeworthy do on a “Lost Earth” adventure?

We return to our normal 1 hour episodes.

Watch for more news of our expanded coverage of Tri Tac Games.

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