Episode 6: Cool Equipment… er, Interpersonal Relationships at IDET?

November 30th, 2009

Well folks, if you think we stray from the topic from time to time, this is the big one. We started out talking about all the cool stuff you can find and what to do with it and somehow wound up talking about interpersonal relationships at IDET. I guess we’ll have to revisit this topic at some point but never fear, the discussion was actually a very good one. We go into a lot of what should be going on in your campaigns back at IDET. It’s a short episode but it’s packed with a lot of good stuff, enjoy!

01:51 What happens to the cool stuff you find on the pathways?

The team discusses what will IDET do with stuff the players turn in, and how do you encourage them to turn in the cool stuff they find and what happens when they don’t.

11:50 Mellor Sex Shop

Clean description but interesting sidetrack on weird stuff to find.

12:33 Drop message system

A way to leave messages on the platform for equipment drops for problem portals.

14:44 Team Interrelations

Ways to intermingle other IDET members with the party members to increase role playing plot points.

19:57 Repairing & Prototyping Parts

What to do about getting repair parts for rare/alien items. Auto-Lathe, CAD-CAM and 3D Printing.

23:30 Security Guards

How the rotating security guards would most likely work.

24:33 Hanging with the Support Staff

The benefits of becoming friends with the support staff.

26:10 Team Advocate

The benefits of having a team advocate.

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Episode 5: Managing your campaign

November 23rd, 2009

Another great episode where we talk about the upcoming new Savage Worlds versions of Fringeworthy and other games, the Fringeworthy Novel, and then we talk about managing your campaign and how to handle the "world" while the player characters are out there exploring and adventuring on the Fringepaths.

01:26  Savage Fringeworthy

05:50  Fringeworthy Novel

12:20  World Building - handling time

13:35  First mission timetables

16:30  Reasons for taking time off from exploring

18:20  Is this roleplayed out or just summarized by the players and GM and an amount of time determined.  Then the GM can decide what has happended in the world, fringe worlds, and other teams in the meantime.

19:30  training missions on Earth Prime

23:00  Rare as Hen's teeth?  Some people won't want to be explorers even if fringeworthy

23:30  Will the early teams be mostly military because they can be ordered to serve?

25:15  Fringworthy will be rotated out of exploration teams to be used for Earth Prime FW search teams.

26:00  Finding more crystals to increase number of search teams and then more fringeworthy.

29:00 The nitty and sometimes very gritty of searching for Fringeworthy and searching for new crystals.

31:40 Spending time as ambassadors and diplomats to aligned Fringe Worlds.

32:45 Will IDET let you vacation on the Fringepaths?

34:45 Personal or publicity tours on Earth Prime

38:25 How much is known of the fringepaths, mellor, and old commonwealth in the early days of exploration.

40:41 getting info from Fringe Pirates

42:00 Mission durations

48:45 Closing

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Reader Mail

November 16th, 2009

Episode 4.5: Question and Answer Show

In this episode the guys answer fan mail. These questions are all over the place but Bruce, John, and Blix cover them in about as much detail as possible. This was a fun show to do, keep the questions coming!

 01:35  What about using horses on the Fringepath?

Horse Range

Feeding a Horse

 12:20  Why do electrical charges discharge when passing through the portal?

 17:00  How are fringe nodes laid out?



This graphic has also been added to the links section

 18:40  What is the criteria for placing portals on a world?

 26:00  Can you move the ring station?

 30:30  How alternate is alternate?

 35:00  Why is Earth Prime the prime and not the alternate?

 36:40  Why is it 47 miles between platforms?

 37:30  How close can portals be to one another?

 38:10  Are the different worlds placed randomly?

 39:20  How does the gifted language work?

 43:50  Is there a tehrmelern device that will make people Fringeworthy?

 48:50  What can a Fringeworthy person bring through a portal?

 53:25  Is it ethical to steal from one world to another?

 54:32  Is it a good idea to make a movie into a Fringeworthy world?

 56:30  Can portals be set to one-way?

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Episode 4: Packing for Success – Life Support & Surviving First Contact

November 9th, 2009

This week we have a bit of news and then we talk about tips for survival.

 In Part I of the show is about what to bring for life support on worlds that have already had an initial survey. We discuss what kind of equipment is important for surviving potentially hostile environments and we list several key pieces of equipment that will help you to this end.

 In Part II of the show we discuss the art of first contact. We mainly go over concepts of do’s and don’ts but we also cover some of the major pitfalls that one should consider before even stepping through the ring.

 01:24 More Fringeworthy Savage Worlds News

 04:40 Packing for Success Part I – Life Support: Keeping yourself healthy and sane

 06:37 Oxygen Air Tank

 08:40 Buoyancy Compensator

 10:40 Inspirational Texts

 15:10 Mini Hammock

 17:30 Magnesium Fire Starter & Fire Extinguisher

 19:00 Gloves

 20:43 Chainsaw

 24:40 Blix Reviews – RPGBomb.com

 25:35 Packing for Success Part II – Surviving First Contact

 31:56 Air Recon – Balloons & ROVs

 35:00 Feel Out Culture First

 45:30 Goal of First Contact

 51:35 Mellor Caution!

 55:10 Final Thoughts


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Bonus Episode - Introduction

November 3rd, 2009

We noticed that a number of visitors are from other countries and we wonder if they really know what Fringeworthy is all about. 

We've done this special introductory episode of the Fringeworthy Podcast to explain the basics of the game (but not game system) - what it is about in layman terms.  If you are very familiar with Fringeworthy then please use this to introduce new players to the game.

Included is an offer to run sample adventures over skype to encourage new players and to help train new adventure designers.

Please let us know if anything is unclear or if we beat the drum a little too hard.

Thanks and welcome to Fringeworthy!

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Episode 3 : Near Future Adventures

November 2nd, 2009

We discuss exploring worlds so similar to our own that it could be a possible future.  In many cases these are worlds that have experience a disaster or catastrophe of some kind like nuclear war, plague, asteroid strike, or zombie apocalypse.

Players love near future worlds since they may have technology that can easily be adopted by Earth Prime.  We discuss how the GM can avoid that wrecking her campaign.

01:14 Savage Worlds Fringeworthy

03:42 World Building - Near Future Intro

05:22 Disasters in near future

05:50 Radiation issues

08:40 Biological damage issues

15:24 Natural disasters

16:00 what kind of adventures are not good choices

19:15 Adventure hooks

23:30 futuristic weapons

25:50 Why players love near future worlds

32:50 transportation

37:00 Virtual Reality

43:16 Space flight and colonization

46:00 Alternate physics worlds

48:00 How new tech can wreck Earth Prime

52:00 How to prevent this

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