Episode 5: Managing your campaign

November 23rd, 2009

Another great episode where we talk about the upcoming new Savage Worlds versions of Fringeworthy and other games, the Fringeworthy Novel, and then we talk about managing your campaign and how to handle the "world" while the player characters are out there exploring and adventuring on the Fringepaths.

01:26  Savage Fringeworthy

05:50  Fringeworthy Novel

12:20  World Building - handling time

13:35  First mission timetables

16:30  Reasons for taking time off from exploring

18:20  Is this roleplayed out or just summarized by the players and GM and an amount of time determined.  Then the GM can decide what has happended in the world, fringe worlds, and other teams in the meantime.

19:30  training missions on Earth Prime

23:00  Rare as Hen's teeth?  Some people won't want to be explorers even if fringeworthy

23:30  Will the early teams be mostly military because they can be ordered to serve?

25:15  Fringworthy will be rotated out of exploration teams to be used for Earth Prime FW search teams.

26:00  Finding more crystals to increase number of search teams and then more fringeworthy.

29:00 The nitty and sometimes very gritty of searching for Fringeworthy and searching for new crystals.

31:40 Spending time as ambassadors and diplomats to aligned Fringe Worlds.

32:45 Will IDET let you vacation on the Fringepaths?

34:45 Personal or publicity tours on Earth Prime

38:25 How much is known of the fringepaths, mellor, and old commonwealth in the early days of exploration.

40:41 getting info from Fringe Pirates

42:00 Mission durations

48:45 Closing

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