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November 16th, 2009

Episode 4.5: Question and Answer Show

In this episode the guys answer fan mail. These questions are all over the place but Bruce, John, and Blix cover them in about as much detail as possible. This was a fun show to do, keep the questions coming!

 01:35  What about using horses on the Fringepath?

Horse Range

Feeding a Horse

 12:20  Why do electrical charges discharge when passing through the portal?

 17:00  How are fringe nodes laid out?



This graphic has also been added to the links section

 18:40  What is the criteria for placing portals on a world?

 26:00  Can you move the ring station?

 30:30  How alternate is alternate?

 35:00  Why is Earth Prime the prime and not the alternate?

 36:40  Why is it 47 miles between platforms?

 37:30  How close can portals be to one another?

 38:10  Are the different worlds placed randomly?

 39:20  How does the gifted language work?

 43:50  Is there a tehrmelern device that will make people Fringeworthy?

 48:50  What can a Fringeworthy person bring through a portal?

 53:25  Is it ethical to steal from one world to another?

 54:32  Is it a good idea to make a movie into a Fringeworthy world?

 56:30  Can portals be set to one-way?

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