Episode 3 : Near Future Adventures

November 2nd, 2009

We discuss exploring worlds so similar to our own that it could be a possible future.  In many cases these are worlds that have experience a disaster or catastrophe of some kind like nuclear war, plague, asteroid strike, or zombie apocalypse.

Players love near future worlds since they may have technology that can easily be adopted by Earth Prime.  We discuss how the GM can avoid that wrecking her campaign.

01:14 Savage Worlds Fringeworthy

03:42 World Building - Near Future Intro

05:22 Disasters in near future

05:50 Radiation issues

08:40 Biological damage issues

15:24 Natural disasters

16:00 what kind of adventures are not good choices

19:15 Adventure hooks

23:30 futuristic weapons

25:50 Why players love near future worlds

32:50 transportation

37:00 Virtual Reality

43:16 Space flight and colonization

46:00 Alternate physics worlds

48:00 How new tech can wreck Earth Prime

52:00 How to prevent this

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