Episode 30.5 Plots that Worked Part 2

June 27th, 2010

We continue our discussion of what adventure and play technique bring the awesome.  This week we concentrate on teams pooling their skills and backgrounds to provide better solutions than trying to create uber characters.

01:20 – The role of the essential skills. Giving free skills, allowing automatic successes, including NPCs. Ways to handle failed essential checks.

09:25 – Playing more than one character at a time.

10:30 – Skill checks. Puzzles, the GM’s bane.

16:40 – Knowing your PC’s and players.

18:20 – Letting each character shine.

21:20 – Make characters a real person!

26:20 – The 3x3 method.


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Episode 30: Plots that worked

June 20th, 2010

Part 1 of our discussion of adventure design and play techniques that either worked well or were really terrible ideas.  We discuss good methods to motivate characters and how to make the game more fun for new and experienced players.  Sometimes both.

Note: We now move to our summer format we announced 2 weeks ago.  Our episodes will only be 1/2 hour long instead of about an hour .  Episodes that are split will have the rest published the next week.  We will be returning to our normal format in the fall after Dragoncon.  Hope to see you there.

02:00 GM’s entertain your players – Combat! Putting in a teaser, setting the mood, flashback combat scene, medias res.

08:00 Don’t use capture or blackmail to make the player’s friends with an NPC.

11:30 Players, surrender is sometimes an option.

12:50 Give the characters more tasks than they can possibly complete.

14:15 GMs, use the player’s comments to influence the adventure.

16:10 Big story arcs along with short story arcs.

20:12 Being funny, it’s harder than you think. Let it happen naturally.

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Episode 29: Adventuring in the past: Africa

June 14th, 2010

We continue our adventuring in the past series with a set of podcasts on the 5th to 11th centuries.  We start off with Africa, ramrodded by our good friend Trav.


Essay on Africa

Metallurgy in Africa

Route of Lost Kingdoms

Kingdoms in Pre-Colonial Africa

Ancient African Kingdoms

Swahili Language

Black Like Me

African Folklore

Ark of the Covenant - Ethiopia

Ark of the Covenant - Southern Africa

Tarzan and the Lost Empire

Roman Empire

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Episode 28: Time Travel

June 8th, 2010

So you want to time travel and the time shifted worlds aren't enough.  Okay.  We tell you what works, what doesn't and how to not wreck your campaign and avoid screwing over your players with time travel.    Players take note:  This is the hardest kind of adventure to write and run so if the gm hands it to you, drink the Kool-aide.  It's yummy!

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What’s News

June 7th, 2010

Hey fringers,

We were are a little bit behind this week but we threw together a short segment about what's going on with Fringeworthy. John and Blix talk about Savage Worlds, convention appearances, and our summer schedule. Enjoy!

We also threw in a promo at the end of the PodCast for the new Scott Sigler novel Ancestor. Let's help him reach number one this month by pre-ordering his book! Go to www.scottsigler.com/ancestor right now and get your copy today!

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