Episode 30: Plots that worked

June 20th, 2010

Part 1 of our discussion of adventure design and play techniques that either worked well or were really terrible ideas.  We discuss good methods to motivate characters and how to make the game more fun for new and experienced players.  Sometimes both.

Note: We now move to our summer format we announced 2 weeks ago.  Our episodes will only be 1/2 hour long instead of about an hour .  Episodes that are split will have the rest published the next week.  We will be returning to our normal format in the fall after Dragoncon.  Hope to see you there.

02:00 GM’s entertain your players – Combat! Putting in a teaser, setting the mood, flashback combat scene, medias res.

08:00 Don’t use capture or blackmail to make the player’s friends with an NPC.

11:30 Players, surrender is sometimes an option.

12:50 Give the characters more tasks than they can possibly complete.

14:15 GMs, use the player’s comments to influence the adventure.

16:10 Big story arcs along with short story arcs.

20:12 Being funny, it’s harder than you think. Let it happen naturally.

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