Episode 23: Air vehicles

April 25th, 2010

This week we turn our eyes skyward as wondrous vehicles fill the heavens with explorers no doubt.  Join us as we discuss the best vehicles for exploration and travel.


0:00 types of vehicles --exploration --long distance --bad land or water access

3:30 surveillance -- drones -- balloons -- limits of drones and how to surmount them.

10:30 Powered Parasails and Powered Hang gliders.

16:30 The personal Jet wing - Yves Rossy: Rocket Man

17:15 Jet packs historically, earlier FW editions, and possible workable jet packs

24:45 When things go wrong - Ballistic Parachute

25:40 Wing Suits mention - we discussed these extensively in the Fringe Vehicles podcast

28:30 Aircraft - Fixed Wing

32:45 Lighter than air ships


Goodyear Blimp


The current feasible limit for air ship cargo is 450 tons.  However there are no existing airships that can carry this amount.


39:15 Supertech Airship

Vaccuum lift airship

Tarzan at the Earth's Core 41:30 Hot lift Airship Aerogel

43:15 Airship in action in FW adventure

46:15 Why long range vehicles have to be big

48:30 What kinds of airplanes have proven durability Douglas DC-3 C-130 Hercules

50:45 How to maintain aircraft - does it take a village? -- roll out airstrip

55:00 Some worlds just love airplanes --Thunderbirds --Crimson Skies -- Tale Spin --Bushwacking --Northern Exposure

59:15 Helicopters

01:03:00 Blue Sky vehicles

--Mecha --Dragons --Dinotopia --Gor --Wind Whales of Ishmael --Banshees of Avatar --Brooms --Flying Carpets --Celestial Matters --Integral Trees --human powered flight

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HardWired Hinterland Promo

April 18th, 2010

here is a promo for Tri Tac Games latest RPG - Hard Wired Hinterland.  A wonderful place for pulpish action and high flying fun.

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Fringeworthy Everywhere

April 18th, 2010

In this short broadcast we discuss putting

01:15  Fringeworthy Facebook Page

02:11  Fringeworthy can be in any game or adventure you play

03:45  Fringeworthy tools in Rogue 417

06:00 Calling all listeners for podcast topics you want to hear

06:25 We need someone to post a review of Fringeworthy on the various rpg discussion sites.

07:30 We will provide convention support for anyone who wants to demo any Tri Tac game, especially Fringeworthy.

15:45 Here is the list of tools we use to produce these podcasts.  Anyone who wants to produce their own Fringeworthy podcast or lend us a hand is welcome.

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Episode 22 Compensation

April 11th, 2010

Being a fringeworthy explorer is a great honor but it gets old after the mellor are chewing at your boot.  We discuss monetary and intangible rewards that can be given to the characters to keep them and their players interested in the campaign.  Also we discuss how a detailed backstory or player created character motivations helps the gm and the other players to trigger events that interest the characters.

02:00 – Characters that are Fringeworthy but don’t travel the pathways.

03:15 – The early adventurers will be “drafted”.

04:50 – Money as a reward. The first to offer and the first to go.

09:30 – Fame as a reward. Invites, book deals, and super models!

11:30 – Endorsements. Pepsi and pizza logos on your IDET uniform.

16:00 – Spending money on charities and such to increase your fame.

17:40 – Altruism as its own reward.

19:00 – Land grants on other worlds.

21:45 – Connections as a reward.

25:30 – The player’s contribution to the game. These are things that help the GM reward the player.

29:40 – Character backgrounds as they contribute to the game.

34:30 – Knowledge & discovery as a reward.

36:45 – The power of the 3x3.

38:20 – Central Casting!

39:20 – Share character knowledge during character generation.

43:15 – Vacation.

48:10 – I do it for the chicks man!

NOTE: Going to a Con? Take us with you! If you contact us, we'll send you a bunch of special promotion CD for the podcast. Please give us at least 4 weeks of advanced notice so that we have time to get these put together and to get them out to you.

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Episode 21 Land Vehicles

April 4th, 2010

This week we talk about all the different kinds of vehicles you can use for your land explorations from trucks to assault vehicles and more.

02:00 vehicles have to match the look of vehicles on the world or it will raise notice.

03:00 first recon use dirt bike

05:00 keeping motorcycles quiet (mufflers or electric engine)  Issues with air powered bikes?






07:50 electrifying your electric bike or securing your bike

08:46 Segway across the prairies?




09:31 Don't forget mountain bikes


10:30 Emergency boost from electric motor on standard mountain bike


12:00 ATV

12:20 6 wheeled bug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0wOyY4pEnQ

15:00 using bugs as crawlers

18:50 Larger vehicles (2 wheels means double axle) (for transport, recon, mobile home base)

21:30 armor on vehicles


22:00 The one and only Landmaster


26:30 Exploration vehicles don't have to be commercially feasible so cost isn't a factor.

29:00 Tehrmelern vehicles


30:00 Attack or rescue vehicles

bradley troop carrier




Desert Fast Attack Vehicles?






combat tactical vehicle



Bullet point article on Wizard site for creating stats for vehicles.


39:00 specialty vehicles

bridge building vehicle

road laying vehicle

road train

DUKR (duck)

fire truck

water reclamation vehicle

43:45 antique vehicles can be found on time shifted alternates as new.

47:50 animal mounts still valid on worlds (not on fringe)

55:00 fuel substitutes for diesel engines.

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