This week we talk about all the different kinds of vehicles you can use for your land explorations from trucks to assault vehicles and more.

02:00 vehicles have to match the look of vehicles on the world or it will raise notice.

03:00 first recon use dirt bike

05:00 keeping motorcycles quiet (mufflers or electric engine)  Issues with air powered bikes?!v=FgQNRuAaRDk&feature=channel!v=gcZKL_vrw3g&feature=watch_response

07:50 electrifying your electric bike or securing your bike

08:46 Segway across the prairies?


09:31 Don't forget mountain bikes

10:30 Emergency boost from electric motor on standard mountain bike

12:00 ATV

12:20 6 wheeled bug

15:00 using bugs as crawlers

18:50 Larger vehicles (2 wheels means double axle) (for transport, recon, mobile home base)

21:30 armor on vehicles

22:00 The one and only Landmaster

26:30 Exploration vehicles don't have to be commercially feasible so cost isn't a factor.

29:00 Tehrmelern vehicles

30:00 Attack or rescue vehicles

bradley troop carrier



Desert Fast Attack Vehicles?



combat tactical vehicle

Bullet point article on Wizard site for creating stats for vehicles.

39:00 specialty vehicles

bridge building vehicle

road laying vehicle

road train

DUKR (duck)

fire truck

water reclamation vehicle

43:45 antique vehicles can be found on time shifted alternates as new.

47:50 animal mounts still valid on worlds (not on fringe)

55:00 fuel substitutes for diesel engines.

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  • GeneralTristan

    A bit late with this comment, but I had to chip in my two-cents on the subject of the Bradley IFV and the Moskovi (having several years’ professional experience in this arena).

    The Bradley, while a nice idea, has a rather poor power:weight ratio that badly overtaxes the drive train. A well-maintained Brad (one that’s had engine and transmission temperately run for 200 miles during the break-in period) is still prone to some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure every 250-350 miles. Weighing in at nearly 27 tonnes, they would need a superheavy flatbed to transport them across the Pathway system (such as are used to transport bulldozers and other construction vehicles), and would likely only be used in *very* special circumstances… my guess is that IDET would probably only maintain four or five Bradleys; enough to field a platoon-sized assault force, if necessary.

    Common viewpoint of troops who worked with the Brad in the ’90s was that they were immensely useful in the defense, but rolling coffins in the offense. “Most effective weapon on a Bradley? The six lunatics riding in the back.”

    The original artwork depicting the Moskovi Models A and B showed it to be a turretless variation of the the BTR models 152 and 60/80 ( ), and considering the game-universe rationale of multinational support (as well as the portal station at Chiersky) it makes much more sense for IDET to field numbers of Moskovi B’s, or actual BTR-80’s instead of Bradleys, should armored vehicles be required.

    Apr 26, 2010 at 9:10 am
  • Kedamono

    The Moskovi is a fictional vehicle. The Soviets didn’t go much for diesel powered vehicles, mainly because they would be a bear to start in the middle of the Russian winter.

    I came up with some Savage Worlds stats for it:

    Moskovi Reconnaissance Vehicle MRM-30 and MRM-30A

    (Moskovi Razvedyvatelʹnaya Mashina-30) Acc/Top Speed: 5/36 (3/20 Amphibious) Toughness: 18(7) Crew: 1+7 Cost: $200,000 Notes: The MRM-30 is the only diesel powered version of the MRM line. Due to it’s poor performance in most of the Soviet territories, the MRM-30 line was scrapped or sold to Soviet clients. Several are still being used in Cuba and Vietnam, which is where UNIDA was able to secure several working models. The MRM-30A is an amphibious version of the MRM-30 from Vietnam. The MRM-30A can be sealed air tight with an internal air supply for 4 hours for a crew of 8. However, as this is a modification of the MRM-30 frame, it is prone to overheating and fogging of the windshield when in use.

    So the Moskovi becomes an vehicle from an alternate history of our Earth.

    Apr 29, 2010 at 2:54 pm
  • tritacsystems

    Someone left us a comment that I unfortunately marked as spam, saying he was having trouble getting an episode to download.

    I’m sorry for my mistake. If you are still having a problem please contact me directly at

    thanks for the comment.

    May 4, 2010 at 3:29 pm
  • tritacsystems

    Regarding the moskovi from an alternate earth, I hope everyone understands that Earth Prime is an alternate earth to our own world simply because we haven’t ever discovered a portal on our earth. Even with the handwaving of it being in the near future, if you ever give a date, you will pass it as we have done many times in prior editions of Fringeworthy. That’s what makes it science FICTION. So, if you can find real world examples of devices to stat out, great, but don’t limit yourself if you get really jazzed about a piece of equipment.

    May 17, 2010 at 10:26 am