Episode 22 Compensation

April 11th, 2010

Being a fringeworthy explorer is a great honor but it gets old after the mellor are chewing at your boot.  We discuss monetary and intangible rewards that can be given to the characters to keep them and their players interested in the campaign.  Also we discuss how a detailed backstory or player created character motivations helps the gm and the other players to trigger events that interest the characters.

02:00 – Characters that are Fringeworthy but don’t travel the pathways.

03:15 – The early adventurers will be “drafted”.

04:50 – Money as a reward. The first to offer and the first to go.

09:30 – Fame as a reward. Invites, book deals, and super models!

11:30 – Endorsements. Pepsi and pizza logos on your IDET uniform.

16:00 – Spending money on charities and such to increase your fame.

17:40 – Altruism as its own reward.

19:00 – Land grants on other worlds.

21:45 – Connections as a reward.

25:30 – The player’s contribution to the game. These are things that help the GM reward the player.

29:40 – Character backgrounds as they contribute to the game.

34:30 – Knowledge & discovery as a reward.

36:45 – The power of the 3x3.

38:20 – Central Casting!

39:20 – Share character knowledge during character generation.

43:15 – Vacation.

48:10 – I do it for the chicks man!

NOTE: Going to a Con? Take us with you! If you contact us, we'll send you a bunch of special promotion CD for the podcast. Please give us at least 4 weeks of advanced notice so that we have time to get these put together and to get them out to you.

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