Episode 8.5 Mail: Team Roles

December 27th, 2009

Episode 8.5 Listener Mail:  Team Roles

What kind of characters should be in a team?  What skills are essential?  We define the expected roles for basic Fringeworthy explorers and liken them to a popular television show.

This was the last question of our question and answer session but it took so much to answer it, we thought it deserved its own podcast release.

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Christmas Special: Richard Tucholka Interview

December 25th, 2009

Christmas Special: Richard Tucholka Interview

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fringeworthy fans! As our gift to you we present a very special edition of the Fringeworthy PodCast. This episode is an hour long interview with the creator of Fringeworthy; the one and only Richard Tucholka. Best wishes to you and yours. Enjoy!

01:42      When was Fringeworthy first published and what type of product launch did you do?

02:23      Where did the original idea for Fringeworthy come from?

04:00      Where did you get the idea for portals, pathways, and platforms?

06:46      Why were the portals placed where they were?

08:20      Who were the original playtesters and who was the original Ed Powers?

09:05      What was the make up of the original team?

10:05      What was the reason for wiping out electricity, magnetism, and nuclear material?

11:20      What happens if I go through the portal with a magnetic bottle full of anti-mater?

12:00      How is the platform powered? An insight into some fringe physics.

13:00      When you first designed Fringeworthy did you believe that the future will be as ideallic as it is in that edition?

13:50      Do you feel the new version is grittier and more reflective of the modern condition?

14:50      The original Fringeworthy seems kind of pulpish; what is the genre you are going for today?

17:15      Do you feel as though the Fringeworthy concept is more assessable now due to some of the modern media?

20:40      Why wasn’t Fringeworthy the primary choice as opposed to your other games in the early days?

22:35      Rich discusses his “three versions”.

22:05      How far has Fringeworthy changed from the original concept?

23:25      What effect do you see the new races having on the setting? *Secret Revealed*

24:45      Do the “Old Men” walk everywhere or do they know some secrets to get around easier?

26:05      How many countries is Fringeworthy played in?

27:20      Would you do translated versions of Fringeworthy?

29:10      What are your thoughts on bootlegged (torrented) editions?

33:57      What are your thoughts on doing a POD edition?

35:47      How does your fiancé Melody fit into the TriTac dynasty?

37:15      Melody joins the PodCast as part of the chat.

39:00      Wedding talk with Melody.

40:28      What is your local group like and is there a “type” for Fringeworthy players?

41:30      Does the Order of Leibowitz still exist?

42:30      Talk about the “Bureau 13 is Live” LARP book.

42:45      How did Fringeworthy drop off the map and what is being done now to spark it back to life?

46:35      Where is Fringeworthy going from here on out?

49:35      Final thoughts by Rich.

A special thanks to Richard for taking the time to join us.

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Episode 8: Packing For Success: Data Gathering

December 21st, 2009

Episode 8: Packing for Success – Data Gathering

In this episode we talk about the equipment needed for a successful data collection. We cover everything from the very first survey, to the first person transit, to long term data gathering. We go over a bunch of equipment you’re going to want to bring and we discuss some of the techniques you’ll most likely use.

01:40     Remote Sensing Devices

Remote Control Planes, Recon Balloons / Zeppelins, Weather Balloons.

04:40     Optics and Sensors

IR Sensors on cameras, Night Scope

07:20     Recording Equipment

Erdine Computer (IDET-LT-2013 Rugged Laptop)



DVD Burning Video recorders

09:30     Audio Data

Parabolic Microphone, Laser Bounce Microphones

11:10     Other Recorders

Radiation, Microwaves, Biological, Air Samples

15:10     The Role of Team 1 - Initial Data Gathering

Length of Stay, Initial Data Gathering, Path Breakers

21:15     Special Equipment for the First Portal Transit

Solar powered robot, wheel camera, Self Developing Film, Radiation Badges, Biological Dection

24:20     Locating Entry Point

Astronomical packages, figuring out time of day, Portable Satellite Rocket System

30:00     Infiltration

History Books, Newspapers, Library, Trash (Garbology)

33:10     Stuff people Forget About

Pencil & Paper, Shortwave Radio, Charcoal & Paper for Rubbings, Linesmen Climbing Gear, Dragging Harness, Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles, Gyroscopic Shaver, Ziploc Sandwich Baggies, Titanium Scoop & Bottles, Mason Jars

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Episode 7.5 Questions and Answers

December 14th, 2009

Another great episode create by You our wonderful listeners!


01:15 FW Group on FaceBook

More questions from our forums. 

01:45 Are Mellor capable of duplicating non-carbon based life-forms?

14:05 Can Mellor become a Slarg?

20:15 How do you design your aliens?

29:00 What happens if you bring antimatter onto the Fringepaths and other safety violations?

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Episode 7: Religion and Interdimensional Realities

December 7th, 2009

This week we discuss how religions, religious figures (including gods) and player characters mix together to produce a better game.

01:25 How is religion important to the character

04:27 What kinds of connection do pcs have with each other based on religion

08:00 Religion affecting character relations to other cultures

09:30 What happens if you find a world with a "real" god?

16:25 what would a god require?  How would she interact with her people

17:15 what types of interactions would pc's have with a god.  Is there an alternative?

21:25 Religious culture shock?

24:00 We are not trying to get you into trouble with your pastor

24:30 religion can be distant or not

29:50 Do you want your pc to be seen as a god?

40:00 What happens when the natives realize you aren't as divine as you proposed?

41:30 How does living in high tech cultures affect religious belief

45:00 discoveries on the fringepaths can create new extremist groups and/or new religions

48:00 don't be afraid to add religions to the worlds listed in the Fringe maps.  Just because it isn't in the manual doesn't mean it can't be added. 

49:15 example of pc/npc religious interactions

52:00 This aspect can be offense to players.  Be honest with each other and make sure everyone is confortable.  The idea is to enrich the gameplay.  Not offend.

Beach Bunny Bimbos with Blasters RPG:

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