Christmas Special: Richard Tucholka Interview

December 25th, 2009

Christmas Special: Richard Tucholka Interview

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fringeworthy fans! As our gift to you we present a very special edition of the Fringeworthy PodCast. This episode is an hour long interview with the creator of Fringeworthy; the one and only Richard Tucholka. Best wishes to you and yours. Enjoy!

01:42      When was Fringeworthy first published and what type of product launch did you do?

02:23      Where did the original idea for Fringeworthy come from?

04:00      Where did you get the idea for portals, pathways, and platforms?

06:46      Why were the portals placed where they were?

08:20      Who were the original playtesters and who was the original Ed Powers?

09:05      What was the make up of the original team?

10:05      What was the reason for wiping out electricity, magnetism, and nuclear material?

11:20      What happens if I go through the portal with a magnetic bottle full of anti-mater?

12:00      How is the platform powered? An insight into some fringe physics.

13:00      When you first designed Fringeworthy did you believe that the future will be as ideallic as it is in that edition?

13:50      Do you feel the new version is grittier and more reflective of the modern condition?

14:50      The original Fringeworthy seems kind of pulpish; what is the genre you are going for today?

17:15      Do you feel as though the Fringeworthy concept is more assessable now due to some of the modern media?

20:40      Why wasn’t Fringeworthy the primary choice as opposed to your other games in the early days?

22:35      Rich discusses his “three versions”.

22:05      How far has Fringeworthy changed from the original concept?

23:25      What effect do you see the new races having on the setting? *Secret Revealed*

24:45      Do the “Old Men” walk everywhere or do they know some secrets to get around easier?

26:05      How many countries is Fringeworthy played in?

27:20      Would you do translated versions of Fringeworthy?

29:10      What are your thoughts on bootlegged (torrented) editions?

33:57      What are your thoughts on doing a POD edition?

35:47      How does your fiancé Melody fit into the TriTac dynasty?

37:15      Melody joins the PodCast as part of the chat.

39:00      Wedding talk with Melody.

40:28      What is your local group like and is there a “type” for Fringeworthy players?

41:30      Does the Order of Leibowitz still exist?

42:30      Talk about the “Bureau 13 is Live” LARP book.

42:45      How did Fringeworthy drop off the map and what is being done now to spark it back to life?

46:35      Where is Fringeworthy going from here on out?

49:35      Final thoughts by Rich.

A special thanks to Richard for taking the time to join us.

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