Episode 8: Packing For Success: Data Gathering

December 21st, 2009

Episode 8: Packing for Success – Data Gathering

In this episode we talk about the equipment needed for a successful data collection. We cover everything from the very first survey, to the first person transit, to long term data gathering. We go over a bunch of equipment you’re going to want to bring and we discuss some of the techniques you’ll most likely use.

01:40     Remote Sensing Devices

Remote Control Planes, Recon Balloons / Zeppelins, Weather Balloons.

04:40     Optics and Sensors

IR Sensors on cameras, Night Scope

07:20     Recording Equipment

Erdine Computer (IDET-LT-2013 Rugged Laptop)



DVD Burning Video recorders

09:30     Audio Data

Parabolic Microphone, Laser Bounce Microphones

11:10     Other Recorders

Radiation, Microwaves, Biological, Air Samples

15:10     The Role of Team 1 - Initial Data Gathering

Length of Stay, Initial Data Gathering, Path Breakers

21:15     Special Equipment for the First Portal Transit

Solar powered robot, wheel camera, Self Developing Film, Radiation Badges, Biological Dection

24:20     Locating Entry Point

Astronomical packages, figuring out time of day, Portable Satellite Rocket System

30:00     Infiltration

History Books, Newspapers, Library, Trash (Garbology)

33:10     Stuff people Forget About

Pencil & Paper, Shortwave Radio, Charcoal & Paper for Rubbings, Linesmen Climbing Gear, Dragging Harness, Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles, Gyroscopic Shaver, Ziploc Sandwich Baggies, Titanium Scoop & Bottles, Mason Jars

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