This week we finish our discussion of the Fringe Born, those children who were born to explore the multitude of universes that are connected by the Fringe Paths.

We consider how to represent those years of the Fringe Academy.  What skills and feats would it represent.  How would training for teenagers differ from those of adults.

What would their senior project be like?

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  • Ken Cassady

    We consider how to represent those years of the Fringe Academy. What skills and feats would it represent. How would training for teenagers differ from those of adults….

    I would envision a pure skill base sets of procedures that the computer could not perform on it own. Not allowing for any social interaction that would waste time on acquiring the large skill set that would be need to run a vessel that can seek out space for centuries on a single generation of humans. Thus all social interaction would be with the computer who, runs the vessel, and can slightly alter the necessary drugs that will keep their human assets performing at peak levels at all time when they are not refrozen to reach the next location to be explored.

    The problems for the characters to be solve of a physical, academic in nature would be mostly relatively easy in most cases due to the high skill sets. It would be the awakening of these youth or now adults and dealing with emotions when the computer can no longer maintain there emotional environment and they get to freely interact with each other. The psychic scars of the awakening will be things they will have to over come again and again as the adventure continues.

    The teams will still want to work together as that has been ingrain into them. However, the constant reliance on Mother Board will no longer will be the same. Either cut off completely or damaged in a way that is no longer fulfilling emotional state as the past. The craving to return to that state could be strong in some and others it is a complete revolt against it.

    The adults on the other hand will be harder to train, less skill sets, and will have those need issues that does not rely on the Mother Board for their needs and are deemed to the computer as less valuable assets. Besides these assets have begun the journey at a depreciated value due to their age.

    Remember the computer own level of social skill sets where programmed bunch of nerdy wis-kids or former wis-kids that will create all the stylized interactions between characters while the computer is in control. And each computer was programed by a different team of software engineers to insure that not one single bug would take down the whole fleet. So the style from one ship to the next can be quite different. That style will become part of the characters way of life as well unless they actively work against it.

    So with this as their world that has been planed for them the class projects could be: Codify all the flora and fauna of a simulated world. Determining the mining of difficult ores. Repairing ship damage while the ship is under attack. Performing exotic surgeries on simulated humans that are not of the standard computer models surgeries. Diplomatic missions with aliens. Repairing code for the computer. ( A vary nervous computer) A replacement ship gunner or inf driod in a pinch.

    Aug 15, 2011 at 10:56 pm
  • James Buchanan

    For inspiration for a Fringe Born campaign, I would recommend the Anime series, Stellvia of the Universe.

    Aug 23, 2011 at 9:01 am