This is just a heads up to everyone that there are changes coming to our podcast, so we'll be on hiatus for a little while. Can't tell you what they are, but we'll let you know as soon as we're ready to announce them.


We conclude our series on playing Fringeworthy in Mario World! We talk about what Earth Prime can get from the denizens of the Mushroom kingdom and other lands of Mario World, as well as the possibility of an all Mario World Fringeworthy team! It's Ridonkculous! 

Next time on the Tri Tac Podcast: Running a Fringeworthy campaign centered around the Fringeborn. Yes, Fringe Kids!



We continue with our series on Fringeworthy on Mario World. We recount Mario's origins, talk about Power Ups, and really get into it about Mario Kart Racing. We finish off with a stab at the cosmology of the Mario Universe!



This week, we start a new series of Fringeworthy in a video game universe!

This time, it's the 800lb... Plumber! That's right, itsa Mario! 

We delve into the world of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom, and what to expect when you arrive in Bowsers Castle...



We conclude our series on Fringeworthy in the World of Greyhawk. We discuss what UNIDA and TÆSS would find useful on this magic rich world. And we find out that Bruce doesn't like the Drow. The Drow LOLth in his general direction...

As promised, here is the link to the online interactive map to Greyhawk.

Next time on the Tri Tac Games Podcast, we are in need of a plumber... and mushrooms?



We continue our discussion of Fringeworthy in the World of Greyhawk. We continue our discussion of the races and cultures of Greyhawk, talk about it's connection to other planes of existence, and finish off with what the Fringeworthy can find to do in Greyhawk. And no Drow. Not a bit. Nope. 



Welcome to the World of Greyhawk! You and your fellow teammembers are about to embark on an expedition to world of magic and danger! This is the first of three worlds of Dungeons & Dragons™️! 



We conclude our series on the Cosmology of Skyrim with a discussion of various gods and their realms. 



We continue our discussion of playing Fringeworthy in Skyrim. We delve into the aspects of the Gods of Skyrim and what it would be like to visit their planes of existence.



We return to the world and worlds of Skyrim with Professor Pixie and her able assistant Trav. We delve into the setting's mythos and all those planets you think you see are actually infinite planes that are really gods! Take a shot of something strong and prepare yourself for our foray into a video game mythology!


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