Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update for Week ending October 19th, 2014

OK, so update for this week. I'll save the podcasts for big announcements. So progress this week: 

  • Consider a map for Alt 0,2: So, I considered doing a map, and decided to leave that open to the GMs to do. I'll explain the political climate, and describe some of the background, and you can assume that what I don't talk about is pretty much similar to our timeline. 
  • Finalize on what kinds of Archetypes to add to the game: Not necessarily finalize, but decided to do at least two or three novice character archetypes for each of the starting races in the book. Consider them a jumping off point. I started with the Victorians and moved on to the Golden Horde. One goal I do have is not to duplicate existing Archetypes. That may take some doing.
  • More editing: Fixed the references to what the target number is. May still have to go through and fix the wording that uses the phrase "target number."
  • Expand FringeCorp: Thought about FringeCorp and didn't come up with anything as of yet. Thoughts and ideas of how FringeCorp works, markets, and what it is exactly it sells to the people of Earth Prime?

For next week:

  • Work on more Archetypes. 
  • Flesh out Europe a bit for Alt 0,2.
  • More editing.
  • Brainstorm FringeCorp some more.

Episode 245: World of Darkness in Bureau 13 part 1

This week we begin our discussion of how to bring the monsters and mayhem of World of Darkness into a Bureau 13 campaign.

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Episode 244: Listener Questions part 2

This week we finish answering listener questions until we get some more.

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Tri Tac Games Update: Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update

This week I talk about the recent changes made to the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy playtest rules. 
  • Update Campaign Types for Portal Book 4: Talked to Richard Tucholka and at this time, I'm not going to make any radical changes to the Campaign Types. Just editing for content.
  • Add UN Budget Rules for Early Years: Added and they definitely need another set of eyes to review and comment on. 
  • Update UNIDA description: Didn't get it done. Too much other stuff going on.
  • New: Added Freelancer Character class. A new class of mercenary drifters who work for themselves. 
Things to do next week:
  • Start on sandbox for Alt 0,2: Victorian 2 Earth/American Rebellion Earth
  • Create Archetypes for Fringeworthy
  • General Editing
Update again next Sunday!

Note: Updated this with a louder sound track for myself. I have pre-made openings and closings for this podcast, so I've made sure to adjust the volume for the informational part of this podcast.
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Episode 243: Listener Questions part 1

This week we start answering questions posted on facebook, our podbean streaming site, and the forums.

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Tri Tac Games Update: Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update

This week I talk about the recent changes made to the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy playtest rules. 

  • The first sandboxed world, The Junkyard pokiwol, has been created with adventure hooks.
  • The Fringeborn Character template has been added to the Character Creation section of the rules.
  • The Fringeborn Edge has been created.
  • Ported over the d20 Fringeworthy Campaign types and models.
  • Renamed the United Nations Space Agency to the World Aeronautics Exploration Agency, WAXA. This was added at the same time I added the United Nations Peacekeepers, Fringe Division.
Things to do for next week:
  • Update the Campaign Types to take account of Portals Book 4. Events in that book will alter potential campaign types.
  • Add in Budget rules for IDE Teams due to the fact that the UN doesn't have much money. 
  • Update the UNIDA description to make it clear that it's an affiliate organization to the UN, that's beholden to the Security Council.
  • Add in the new character type: The Freelancer. A Fringeworthy explorer who doesn't belong to UNIDA or TÆSS.
Update again next Sunday!

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Episode 242: Idet to the Rescue part 2

We finish our series:  adventuring during a disaster by considering what does IDET bring to the table if a global disaster hits the Earth?

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Hard Wired Hinterland Actual Play 2014-08-05

Due to a computer failure I've not been able to record the sessions that followed this one.  So I will summarize the events that followed.

The Tinkerman Transport Company (TTC) flew to Six Gun Junction, the primary city of Little Texas.  
There they got in contact with Petrolux Oil Company that works the sole oil well in the Hinterlands to get some quality, high temperature oil as detailed in Tinkerman's notebook.  
They checked on the order for the finely tooled seat covers that the professor had left with Hempstead Fine Leather Goods and found it finished but warehoused, so they ordered it brought to the store for inspection.
They went to The Foundry to purchase some more weapons but found little to their liking since most weapons were designed to fit in well for the 1890's time period that Little Texas emulates.
A surprise visit from a stranger prompted Professor Silas to return to the Airport.  There he met the CEO of New Horizon's Construction Company who needed his expert assistance in developing a superior explosive to aid their bid for the first railroad that Little Texas has ever had. After seeing how much money this could be for TTC as well as a way to get NHCC to pay for the very expensive lubricants they wanted Petrolux to make for them, he agreed and travelled to their compound.  Turned out that they made their own explosives so the lab he needed was well equipped, but a number of workers seemed suspicious.  Silas confronted the head machinist Bingo and made an enemy for life.  That night someone tried to blow up Silas's hacienda.  Only the quick actions of his bodyguard Alpha saved his skin and allowed them to dispatch the assassin.  Sadly the Animal cat, Machen Meow, lost most of her litter of kittens, but she solaced herself by eating the eyeball she had ripped from the assassin's face during the battle.
Meanwhile the rest of the TTC had a wonderful evening at the Kickapoo casino.  Benjamin Reiher and Natasia made a little money at the black jack table.  Jason the Pig cleaned up at the poker tables.  Dan McCoy displayed his weapon prowess at the arcade and set up a special shootout exhibition for the next day.
The next morning as they were leaving their floor of the casino suites, they ran into two gunman.  Desperately trying to protect Jason, they ran to the fire escape but found a blaze of gunfire from the street right after they pushed Jason into the escape tube.  Throwing caution to the wind, Benjamin leaped down to the next floor and managed to grab Jason before he slid out of reach but suffered multiple gunshot wounds for his effort.  Dan and the casino guards arrived in time to chase off the kidnappers.  Dan pursued someone he thought was involved and almost caught him but only managed to grab his duster.  Fortunately the varmint's wallet was in the duster.  In the wallet was a decent amount of silver coin and a premium ticket for the Wild Bill Shootout Extravaganza that Dan had set up.  The ticket indicated that it was part of a group purchase.  Trouble at the shootout?
Dan hired a fast ride to Wild Bill's ranch and checked out the site for details on the competition and for possible ambush locations by the kidnappers.  The shootout was to take place in a ghost town set rife with clockwork mechanisms and pressure traps.  Wild Bill told him the competition against two of the greatest shooters Little Texas had ever known was the following:
1. Mechanized arcade bottle shootout
2. Dollar toss shoot (any dollars hit are kept by the shooter - dollars are worth $35 US - up to 200 targets were tossed at a time but practically only 12 could be hit).
3. Match Lighting - hit a number of Rube Goldberg contraptions that would ultimately light a match or light them directly with a bullet for extra points
4. Wooden Indian Cigar Shootout - knock the lighted ash from the cigars held by wooden indians - Kickapoo approved.
5. Ride by target shooting - hit targets that swing, jump, and bounce into view at a walk, canter, and then gallop down main street
-- second round side by side ride with opponent tied to each other with a leash as each fired at targets on opposing sides of the street.  Yanking on the leash was fair game.
6  Follow the leader last minute challenge by Dan McCoy as each contestant had to hit targets picked by the leader (Dan and the other two contestants rotated as leader).
7. Death Walk - can you survive the angry ghosts to get to the far end of Main Street
Until the final challenge, Dan was leading the competition, which gave him lots of crowd support.  Even his two competitors tipped their hats to him.
The death walk for Dan:
A ghastly undead bushwacker leaned over the edge of the general store and made Dan dance until Dan could hit him square between the eyes and put him to rest.
A rotting dance hall girl beckoned Dan to fire at a target inside the salon, when he did the entire brick top floor swung out periously over his body.  He could try to get where he would go through a glass window when it dropped or try to hit a small bullseye to stop it.  Dan tried for the target and missed.  Dan rolled back well enough that the bricks only bruised him under his undercover vest.
As he passed the cooper's shop, barrows smashed through the window and slammed right into him.  The crowd gasped because the barrows were supposed to fly right over Dan's head and give him a more targets to hit.  Mechanical error or foul play?  It had worked fine for the other two shooters who had already finished the Death Walk.  Dan suffered 3 wounds and was now missing targets that were worth a lot of points.
An electrical fence wire web rose up behind Dan and began to close.  Dan had to pick up his pace or get zapped like a heifer.  Just then a gauntlet of decaying and disintegrating townsfolk lined the street on both sides before him.  All looked lost, but Dan realized they were firing in a pattern that if solved would allow him to walk unscathed while shooting the targets on each one, time permitting since that electric threat closed every faster on Dan.  He rolled the dice and sussed the pattern, darting forward as slowly as he could to get the maximum number of targets.
At the end of the competitions it was:
Merry Burgess - 972
Dan McCoy - 1103
Cliff Levan - 1200
Cliff being the champion shooter of Little Texas was not surprised as his triumph, but everyone wondered what would have happened if there wasn't that tragic barrow accident that wounded Dan.  Beating Merry, a man of no little notoriety, was still unexpected,  Dan's sizable 2nd place purse would not be need to pay for drinks that night.
This campaign is now on hiatus due to work requirements.  Hopefully we will be back and recording in about a month.
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Hard Wired Hinterland Actual Play 2014-07-29

My computer crashed that had these files so I'm just now putting them out.  These are the continuing adventures of the Tinkerman Transport Company, currently in Little Texas in the Hard Wired Hinterland.

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Tri Tac Games Update: Status of the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Game

An update on the status of the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy game. We talk about why it's late, what to expect in this new version of the game, and John Reiher apologizes for the delay in getting it out. We talk about the changes to the background and how things work in this game. And that we'll have both a player's guide version as well as a full GM's version.

We encourage you to playtest the game, so visit the Fringeworthy Google Drive Folder to download the core rules for play testing. They will be updated on a regular basis so keep checking back as we progress.
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