Episode 7.5 Questions and Answers

December 14th, 2009

Another great episode create by You our wonderful listeners!


01:15 FW Group on FaceBook

More questions from our forums. 

01:45 Are Mellor capable of duplicating non-carbon based life-forms?

14:05 Can Mellor become a Slarg?

20:15 How do you design your aliens?

29:00 What happens if you bring antimatter onto the Fringepaths and other safety violations?

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  • GeneralTristan

    RE: Mellor duplication of larger creatures — I sorta’ postulated that larger mellor would be able to physically duplicate a large creature (such as a Blizniz) initially by incorporating air-spaces inside themselves, eventually adding mass to eliminate those, but that this “airspaced” physical duplication would give increased chances to detect that something was amiss… a Blizniz/Balloon wouldn’t make the right footprints, wouldn’t make the ground rumble properly when walking, would be easily knocked aside by other Blizniz during herd games… at least until the mellor had time to ingest the appropriate amount of mass.

    Assuming they’re capable of encapsulating items inside themselves, I’d think any mellor of higher intelligence could ingest some large stones to compensate for the weight issue, but could still be more-easily unmasked as an imposter during the first few days in that form. (Hmmm… possible scenario idea, here…)

    Dec 15, 2009 at 9:04 am
  • kedamono

    We discussed that before doing the Podcast. The consensus was that if the Mellor just blew itself up like a balloon, it would have the same problems as a balloon. And considering that it just killed something, it’s probably not in a situation friendly to a Mellor-balloon. :-)

    Besides, it has all the mass it needs right there in front of it: The dead Blizniz corpse. It may take a couple of days, but it can get that necessary mass and good meal at the same time!

    That’s assuming that the corpse isn’t found.

    Eating rocks is a last ditch method, the Mellor prefer organic material. Water comes next, but that makes it a water balloon, even more vulnerable.

    So the default behavior for a Mellor taking on a bigger size is to eat its way up to the new tonnage.

    Dec 16, 2009 at 9:55 pm