Episode 7: Religion and Interdimensional Realities

December 7th, 2009

This week we discuss how religions, religious figures (including gods) and player characters mix together to produce a better game.

01:25 How is religion important to the character

04:27 What kinds of connection do pcs have with each other based on religion

08:00 Religion affecting character relations to other cultures

09:30 What happens if you find a world with a "real" god?

16:25 what would a god require?  How would she interact with her people

17:15 what types of interactions would pc's have with a god.  Is there an alternative?

21:25 Religious culture shock?

24:00 We are not trying to get you into trouble with your pastor

24:30 religion can be distant or not

29:50 Do you want your pc to be seen as a god?

40:00 What happens when the natives realize you aren't as divine as you proposed?

41:30 How does living in high tech cultures affect religious belief

45:00 discoveries on the fringepaths can create new extremist groups and/or new religions

48:00 don't be afraid to add religions to the worlds listed in the Fringe maps.  Just because it isn't in the manual doesn't mean it can't be added. 

49:15 example of pc/npc religious interactions

52:00 This aspect can be offense to players.  Be honest with each other and make sure everyone is confortable.  The idea is to enrich the gameplay.  Not offend.

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  • GeneralTristan

    Hmmm… considering the views of Hindu, Buddhist, and other central-Asian religions on the cycles of death and rebirth, and the beliefs that enlightenment is necessary to fully escape our material universe, I wonder what stance they would take towards the Fringeworthy.

    Through whatever happenstance, the FW are able to escape our material universe, though their journeys lead onward to other material universes, and any full disciple of those religions would surely find the bulk of IDET personnel to be less-than-enlightened…

    This could really mess with their philosophies, y’know? How could they (potentially) react… in such a fashion where it adds an interesting conflict or dimension to your campaign?

    Something to ponder.

    Dec 10, 2009 at 6:11 am
  • kedamono

    Of course you might encounter a world where you get to meet Siddhārtha Gautama himself. Just imagine how you can screw with his reality or even guide him. Imagine evangelical Buddhists!

    But you make a good point General, sir, when you appear is as important as where you appear. Imagine a world where Jesus is treated as a Buddhist Devas and Jehovah as a Brahmā. That would be a shakeup for some folks.

    Dec 10, 2009 at 10:33 pm