As promised, we have a full episode with is actually two recording sessions.  First we discuss the Fringeworthy advanced crystal powers as part of a question from Eric of the Travcast.  He wanted to know how the protective electrostatic dome power worked. 

Then we follow that with a discussion of the Fringeworty Alien Corps race:  The Dimixi.  These spider-like creatures have many nuances that spring into view as we discuss them.  We hope you will include them in your Fringeworthy Game.

As a special treat.  Richard Tucholka took part in the Dimixi discussion.  It is always great to hear from him about how we've extended and possibly abused his games.  Even after 30 years, he still surprises us with background info nobody every recorded until now.

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  • Ken Arromdee

    I’ll disagree about the physiology of the Dimixi. Insect biology is often affected by the square/cube law; things which work on the scale of a fly-sized insect may not scale up to the size of a human.

    Breathing by little tubes in the skin that branch out into the body is one of those. Oxygen can only diffuse so far, so a human-sized insect would have to have proportionately more of them–and they’d collapse anyway because the sturdiness of the tubes doesn’t scale up. Man-sized insects need lungs.

    Eating by injecting enzymes into food is another. If an insect injects enzymes into food, the enzyme will only digest a certain distance from the injection spot. If the food is tiny, this distance is bigger than the size of the food and the injection can digest the whole thing. A man-sized insect who tried this on a large piece of food would end up with a piece of food with some enzyme in it and a fly-sized thickness of digested area around the injection site, with the rest undigested. Man-sized insects would need to digest by breaking their food into pieces small enough to be digested before soaking them in enzyme–that is, they’d need teeth and a stomach.

    Of course, since this is fantasy, you could always give them some kind of super-enzyme or super-strong and super-thin respiratory tube material. But it won’t naturally come just from being big insects.

    May 4, 2011 at 8:32 am
  • tritacsystems

    I fully understand that the Dimixi can’t breathe like insects. I was imagining that they have internal lungs at the end of each spiracle. We are stretching things a bit. Realistically, they would cut up their food and probably cook it. Still, there’s nothing like home cooking with enzymes. :)

    Jun 6, 2011 at 12:49 am