Hey there gamers! This week we delve into all of the subtle nuances of taking your pets on the pathways with you. This is a short and rather light episode but we have been very busy with the holidays and spending time with our families. Also, this was recorded before the changeover so you'll hear Bruce call it the Fringeworthy podcast. Rest assured, we are still the Tri Tac podcast but this is a Fringworthy only episode. Enjoy!

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  • James Patrick Buchanan

    I have strong objections to the rule of having cats hating Fringe travel. You miss out on so many adventure possibilities when you put an arbitrary rule imposed on just one type of creature.

    In my novel, I used a Maine Coon as part of my story. My Maine Coon in living in Japan would use the portals (Prime platform) to hunt New Zealand Kiwi and bring them back home. This was confusing to the Maine Coon’s owner and those that knew what that cat was successfully hunting. No one knew where that Maine Coon was getting Kiwis.

    What if a team exploring an alien world can’t find their way back to the portal? The team could see that Maine Coon hunting wild birds. After the Maine Coon got a bird, the team would just follow the Maine Coon back to the portal.

    Why did I choose the Maine Coon?


    “This breed is known to be incredibly smart, terribly playful, and even a bit silly. They are the Mastiffs of the feline. They’re known to enjoy your company and be interested in whatever activity you’re doing, but they do not necessarily want to sit in your lap all the time. They love a game of fetch and are often said to be more dog-like in nature than any breed of cat.”

    Jan 16, 2011 at 3:01 pm
  • tritacsystems

    Is it more interesting that some animals universally hate Fringe Travel or that a small number of all species dislike it?

    One creates a mystery, that may one day provide a revelation as the very nature of the species or the Fringepaths. The other is a mere statistical fact in my opinion.

    Crows love the pathways and are universally fringeworthy. How is that fair?

    No offense was intended to any species that despises the Fringepath. If adding cat companions to your campaign makes your campaign more interesting, go off the reservation with our blessing by all means.

    Feb 7, 2011 at 2:30 am