Do you want magic and psionics in your SF game?  How does it work from universe to universe?  What happens when you bring Stormbringer to a non-magic world?  All this and more on the only Interdimensional exploration game:  Fringeworthy.

01:56 – Consequences of adding magic.

03:00 – Is magic appropriate for your game?

03:50 – What does the Fringeworthy Bible say about magic?

06:00 – The first question is… “Do you want magic in your Sci-fi game?”

06:40 – Psionics are part of the cannon.

08:00 – Magic changes from world to world.

11:00 – Sources of magic power.

19:25 – Worlds where magic creatures can’t live. What happens to a super natural creature on a world where magic doesn’t work.

26:20 – Cross dimensional nodes and node clusters.

30:00 – Magic items.

37:50 – How powerful do you allow your players to be? Also, wrangling in overpowered characters.

49:15 – Playing superheroes.

We are looking to do another Q&A show soon so please send us your questions.

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  • Trav

    I heard this podcastand I think Blix mentioned about superpowers not working once the world or node is left. If the superpowers are due to a genetic change, which most are, they’d stay active. I know that genetic changes aren’t modified by Fringe travel, so the powers not working would merely be by GM fiat. He should still come up with some logical explanation as to why….

    Aug 1, 2010 at 8:11 pm
  • Bruce Sheffer

    If a supernatural power such as magic or psionics is supported by a node, then that power can manifest if its conditions are met. If it is not supported, then the power lays fallow and untriggerable until the character reaches a node that will support it. If such a power is essential to the life of the creature, the fringe system will buffer that creature with a “reality” bubble like the one that protects adventurers when they go to an “Other” place that should not support their life. In that case the bubble will degrade over time until it doesn’t provide any protection or support, which should be long enough to reach another node that will support the creature.

    Issues of “genetic” powers - look at the effect. How much energy is expressed in that effect. If it can be justified by simple biochemical reactions in the brain or body, then they should work in a wide range of nodes. However if you are lifting an aircraft carrier, your brain is probably not producing the energy. The energy is coming from that reality in some way and will not be available outside of that node.

    Sep 27, 2010 at 1:12 pm