This week we are joined again by Richard Tucholka and Melody Nacher.  We examine what we know and what could be about the elephantine race of beings called the Blizniz.  Richard reveals a lot of previously unpublished info about them.  We really go to the limits as to how they could be used in a Fringworthy campaign.

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  • Jon Guilt

    A fascinating listen for the interpretation of a gaming species.

    Please forgive my presumptuous nature, but on the idea of Mellor (please be so kind as to ignore my spelling as well) the Blizniz regard humans as ‘funny looking Bliznez’, that actually strikes me as theoretical evidence for previous encounters with shape shifters. If a Mellor was sent to slowly enlighten them, only to then come within range of their abilities and forced to resume another form, would the Mellor necessarily stop trying to interact?

    Might it not simply say something along the lines of “I am like you, I just came from far away”.

    Anyway just a thought, thank you again for much interesting musing.

    Apr 2, 2012 at 10:55 am
  • tritacsystems

    Thanks Jon for the comment. No, you’re not presumptuous, that is a good observation on the past interactions the Blizniz have had. Initially, the Mellor would have to take on an animal form to get close to the Blizniz. If the calming effect affected it to the point where it couldn’t hold the form, then yes, after a few rocks were thrown at it, the Mellor would let them know that it was an emissary from another form of “Blizniz”, the Tehrmelern.

    Apr 5, 2012 at 1:19 pm