Tri Tac Games Update: Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update

September 29th, 2014

This week I talk about the recent changes made to the Savage Worlds Fringeworthy playtest rules. 

  • The first sandboxed world, The Junkyard pokiwol, has been created with adventure hooks.
  • The Fringeborn Character template has been added to the Character Creation section of the rules.
  • The Fringeborn Edge has been created.
  • Ported over the d20 Fringeworthy Campaign types and models.
  • Renamed the United Nations Space Agency to the World Aeronautics Exploration Agency, WAXA. This was added at the same time I added the United Nations Peacekeepers, Fringe Division.
Things to do for next week:
  • Update the Campaign Types to take account of Portals Book 4. Events in that book will alter potential campaign types.
  • Add in Budget rules for IDE Teams due to the fact that the UN doesn't have much money. 
  • Update the UNIDA description to make it clear that it's an affiliate organization to the UN, that's beholden to the Security Council.
  • Add in the new character type: The Freelancer. A Fringeworthy explorer who doesn't belong to UNIDA or TÆSS.
Update again next Sunday!

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