Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update for Week ending October 19th, 2014

October 20th, 2014

OK, so update for this week. I'll save the podcasts for big announcements. So progress this week: 

  • Consider a map for Alt 0,2: So, I considered doing a map, and decided to leave that open to the GMs to do. I'll explain the political climate, and describe some of the background, and you can assume that what I don't talk about is pretty much similar to our timeline. 
  • Finalize on what kinds of Archetypes to add to the game: Not necessarily finalize, but decided to do at least two or three novice character archetypes for each of the starting races in the book. Consider them a jumping off point. I started with the Victorians and moved on to the Golden Horde. One goal I do have is not to duplicate existing Archetypes. That may take some doing.
  • More editing: Fixed the references to what the target number is. May still have to go through and fix the wording that uses the phrase "target number."
  • Expand FringeCorp: Thought about FringeCorp and didn't come up with anything as of yet. Thoughts and ideas of how FringeCorp works, markets, and what it is exactly it sells to the people of Earth Prime?

For next week:

  • Work on more Archetypes. 
  • Flesh out Europe a bit for Alt 0,2.
  • More editing.
  • Brainstorm FringeCorp some more.

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