Savage Worlds Fringeworthy Production Update for Week ending November 3rd, 2014

November 3rd, 2014

Sorry about the lateness in this post, but I had to recover the Main document after I had an issue with some tables. I was also up last night, Sunday, working on new sections. The book is 171 pages as of today, over 72,000 words and it's still growing. I didn't get much of my list from last time done, as I realized that I needed to merge in a lot of stuff from the d20 book. That also means rewriting and rewording text, so that it adheres to the Savage Worlds' rules. Here's the list of stuff I didn't get to, as I found more productive work elsewhere. 

  • Rewrite the Star Platform section of the World Creation rules. 
  • Flesh out the Europe of Alt 0,2 for sure this week.
  • Work more on FringeCorp.
  • Merge in the Mellor to the rules. 
  • General editing of things.
I still need some more ideas on FringeCorp, so I'll go fishing on that in the Design Group on Facebook. I'll be merging more information in and updating it to Savage Worlds this week, so expect the book to grow in size!

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