Welcome to the Fringeworthy Podcast.

Fringeworthy is the very first game of interdimensional exploration and adventure and is still the best.  

Currently backed by the d20 Modern system but a Savage Worlds edition will follow soon.

You play randomly selected people in the near future who have the special quality that allows them to use the ancient portal discovered in Antarctica to access a network of interdimensional roadways and platforms rich with portals to other worlds, alternate earths, and wierd spaces.

Administered by the United Nations, you are drawn from every walk of life and given the best in exploration equipment.  You seek allies and technology in the other universes for the betterment of all, but especially to solve the problems on Earth that are rapidly becoming critical.

Each week your hosts, Bruce, John, and Blix will offer their best insights into running successful adventures in the near past, far past, near future, and far future on worlds almost identical to our own to completely alien landscapes.

Each of our hosts has had decades of experience with this game and is eager to make your game experience awesome.

Show notes for episode 1

We have a discussion on the new d20 Modern version and where you can find additional gaming material. In addition we discuss where you can go to plug into the Fringworthy community. There’s a mention of Bruce’s interview on All Games Considered. We answer the question “What is Fringeworthy?” Bruce describes some of the awesome new material in the d20 Modern edition.


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D20 Modern

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All Games Considered Interview

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  • Kedamono

    I had fun doing this podcast and I was the primary editor of the podcast files. Since the three of us live in opposite corners of the continental United States, we do a voice chat using Skype and I record the episode using the free Skype recorder.

    Then one of us takes the resulting file and, well, um, err, and uhh, remove all the “voiced punctuation”. Well, most of it. We also edit out tidbits where we stutter, blow our train of thought and other flubs.

    What’s left is what you hear above, our final version of the episode.

    So thanks for listening, keep those cards and letters coming in!

    – John

    Oct 23, 2009 at 9:30 pm