Fringeworthy Actual Play: The Victorians: When Mars Attacks! part 1

September 20th, 2015

Sorry if you've been following our Hindu/Arabian Nights adventure.  Too many files have gotten accidentally deleted.  I'll be glad to summarize if you contact me.

This begins our adventure where the Victorian Earth (+3 Prime) has been attacked by Martians much like H.G. Wells story, The War of the Worlds.  Her Majesty's Trans-Etheric Expeditionary Services (HMTEES) has contacted IDET (the Interdimensional Exploration Teams) asking them to pay back the favor where they saved Earth from being locked away forever from the Fringepaths by the Fringe Pirates in the Battle for Hatsumi Base.
Our team is just a small part of that response.
In this episode they use the advanced crystal key function Ghost Transfer to become immaterial and explore a Martian Cylinder landing site in the middle of Boston, Massachusetts.  At this point any information about the martian threat is critical information.
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