Episode 9 Pirates

January 11th, 2010

Episode 9: Pirates

Arrr, we be talking ‘bout pirates on this episode. That’s right maties, pirates. We be explorin’ the different types of pirates, how they be operatin’, and how to be integratin’ them into a Fringeworthy campaign. Get your tankard of rum and sharpen ye blade; we be settin’ sail for episode 9 laddie.

Ye be findin’ a treasure trove of information ‘bout pirates here and here.


01:20 – What be pirates?

02:32 – If’n we run into pirates, what should we be expectin’?

04:20 – What type of boats do pirates be usin’, and how many in ye crew?

05:00 – What type of base be these pirates havin’?

06:00 – What booty do pirates be takin’?

08:35 – What be privateers?

09:40 – Why gold & silver? Need ye ask!?

11:00 – How would a Fringeworthy team be getting’ around in a pirate world?

13:35 – How do ye get on pirate crew, laddie?

18:45 – What be a Fringeworthy team’s reaction when we be putin’ the other crew to the sword?

21:20 – Do pirate crew be makin’ fer good mercenaries? Arrr!

21:40 – What do you pay a drunken sailor?

24:40 – What does a Fringeworthy team be getting’ out of going into the pirate world?

26:50 – We be talkin’ about running into that scallywag Captain Nemo and dealing with submarines.

34:10 – What about female pirates? Ah, the fair lass of the sea.

36:50 – We be discussin’ the life of a pirate?

37:30 – The role of alcohol vs. water during these times. Arrrr, pass the rum laddie.

40:30 – The awesome parts of being a pirate.

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