Episode 83: Swim Suit Edition Part 2

August 28th, 2011

We continue our discussion of adventures on the beach. 

A beach adventure is a good opportunity to have an adventure that doesn't involve weapon fire

Blix relates new ways to use a bikini top

Why sun tan lotion is your best friend

Please don't attempt to set yourself, your friends, or pets on fire.

Great opportunity for the great reveal of a previously unknown character trait or skill

Music bumpers on this and last week show are by

the Beach Boys "Fun Fun Fun" and "Lets Go Surfing"

Merrell Fankhouser's 2008 CD "Rockin' and Surfin' Vol. 3 "Pismo Beach"

As a bonus we have a "blue" segment which is more explicit and not more than R rated.  We talk about nude beaches, more gear options, sexual conduct and rape in adventures.  We didn't want to include it on our regular feed since this is a clean show, but we are making it available via the link following as long as nobody objects to the content.  Warning, this mostly unedited so we don't sound as good as usual.

click on the link below to listen or rt-click to save


The actual "clean" podcast is played by the control below.

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