Episode 79: Fringe Born pt 1

July 24th, 2011

This week we begin a big discussion for Fringeworthy about the Fringe Born. Since Fringeworthy ability is limited to one in one hundred thousand, finding new Fringeworthy is a lengthy process. Some of those found will be children, and, as time goes on, the discovery that when a pregnant Fringeworthy woman passes through the dimensional portal, the unborn child becomes Fringeworthy. What will their childhood like? Do they become explorers? What's it like being born in the million watt media spotlight for the first of the Fringe Born? Tune in and find out on the Fringeworthy Podcast!

Sorry about the missing episode last Sunday.  I forgot to send the files to Blix who offered to edit the next episode. I had hoped to have an hour episode to make up for missing last week, but no such luck.  Perhaps next week.

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