Episode 67: Electrostatic Dome Crystal Use and Dimixi

April 25th, 2011

As promised, we have a full episode with is actually two recording sessions.  First we discuss the Fringeworthy advanced crystal powers as part of a question from Eric of the Travcast.  He wanted to know how the protective electrostatic dome power worked. 

Then we follow that with a discussion of the Fringeworty Alien Corps race:  The Dimixi.  These spider-like creatures have many nuances that spring into view as we discuss them.  We hope you will include them in your Fringeworthy Game.

As a special treat.  Richard Tucholka took part in the Dimixi discussion.  It is always great to hear from him about how we've extended and possibly abused his games.  Even after 30 years, he still surprises us with background info nobody every recorded until now.

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