Episode 52: Sources of Inspiration

January 10th, 2011

When you look for sources of inspiration for your adventure design where do you turn?  Bruce, John, and Peter reveal their cache of thought provoking books, movies, comics, etc so you too can free your mind and make even more awesome adventures than you already do.

This is a blast from the past.  We did this last March and only now is it getting published.  Sorry about the sound quality.  We've made significant improvements since then.  Bruce got a brand new snowball mike for Christmas so that hum he used to have is gone.

Thanks to The Gutter Skypes who are doing a great job on their Fringeworthy actual play.  I hope you are listening to them as well.



Ken_MacLeod: The Star Fraction, Newton's Wake: A Space Opera

Sword of Shannara

The Martian Chronicles

The Skylark Series

Thomas Convenant, The Unbeliever


The Wild Wild West

Briscoe County Jr.


Star Trek: TOS

The Prisoner

Thundarr the Barbarian

Kung Fu


Deep Impact

Damnation Alley



Alien, Predator, Bladerunner, Alien versus Predator

Jules Verne: The Mysterious Island, Journey to the Center of the Earth


The Ministry of Space

The Marvel Universe

The DC Universe


Get Fuzzy

Brat Pack

Heavy Metal

Cerebus The Aardvark

The Adventures of Tin Tin

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