Episode 39a: Fringe Walkers

October 3rd, 2010

Where do they come from?  They won't say.  Where are they going?  They don't care.  Join us as we explore the many races of beings that live not on a world but in the very interdimensional spaces and roadways that connect the universes.

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode to be finished next week.

01:40 - The races of the Fringepaths and fringe weather.

02:20 - What is a fringe walker and where do they come from?

06:00 - Dalek on the Fringepath.

08:38 - Character concept of a fringe walker.

09:00 - Goin' walkabout and the 1000 portal stare.

10:40 - Fringe Gypsies; culture and evolution.

20:40 - Ways to use fringe walkers for non-regular players.

22:00 - Use fringe walkers to introduce new tech and concepts piecemeal.

23:40 - Don't forget to use the extended lifespan aspect (1:20).

24:45 - Survivors from the Common Wealth war.

26:20 - What races are we dealing with?

27:10 - Slargs, biological weapon to use against the mellor.

28:30 - The old men.

33:45 - More on Slargs... yum yum...

40:40 - Kegak, bane of the Fringepath. Comic material

53:13 - Brupians, they grow on you.


Lots and lots of great adventure and campaign ideas in this episode.

This could be our funniest episode ever but Jay Hailey gets the funniest podcaster award for this one!

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