Episode 35.5: Game Demos and Listener Mail

August 22nd, 2010

We provide more information on our Dragon Con demos

plus we continue to answer reader mail on how to handle where your team members are met with prejudice and what happens when a team goes missing.

01:20 – Fringeworthy novel release at GenCon.

02:20 – DragonCon Fringe Worthy Savage Worlds event by Blix.

03:50 – ConClave FW d20 adventure by Trav!

04:50 – TriTacGamer Forums.

05:17 – Ideas for improving the role of women in your adventures in difficult areas for women.

13:00 – Minority groups in areas of bigotry.

15:15 – Time travel and ways to avoid paradox.

26:00 – Does IDET send teams to investigate a lost team?

32:00 – Killing off a team is a great idea… Bruce goes homicidal and we let him ;)

36:00 – Bruce hosts the Intro to PodCasting panel at GenCon.

It must have gotten cut but Bruce is also running events at DragonCon. He will be running d20 Fringe Worthy events.

We apologize for our audio quality on this one; the quality came out a little rough.

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