Episode 33.5 Adventuring in the Past: Americas part 2

July 31st, 2010

This week we continue our discussion of adventuring in the Native American cultures of North, South, and Central America in the 5th to 11th Centuries.


We talk about how they conducted war and how the introduction of modern weapons might not have the expected effect.


01:50 - Mesoamerican ball games.

05:00 – You are a God King! Trading the “shiny” with the Mayans and the repercussions.

12:45 – Other uses for gun powder.

13:35 – What adventures can you run?

14:40 – Holiest of Holy’s in Mesoamerica.

15:50 – What would fringe pirates do here?

17:00 – Where are the temples and what do they look like?

18:11 – Raiding Maya cities. Jay = Stupid Pirate, Bruce = Violent Pirate, John = Commercial Pirate

22:45 – Where to put portals and how the Maya would treat them.

26:00 – We are Terhmellern.

29:30 – John’s wrap up.

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