Episode 33 Adventuring in the Past: Americas

July 25th, 2010

Adventuring in the 5th to 11th centuries:  Americas

This week John Reiher takes us on a tour of ancient americas.  Mayans and Mixtecs and Mound Builders, Oh my!

1:49: Exploring the New World 5th to 11th Centuries

2:03: The Mound Builders.

2:27: The Anasazi.

3:00: The Mound Builders: What we know about them.

4:00: The Mayans: the Classic period. They lived in city states, ruled by a God king.

5:02: Combat with the Meso American peoples: Combat is for the taking of prisoners.

5:45: Your place in Mayan society.

6:00: Where to find more information about the Mayan. Wikipedia, Books, lots of them!

6:35: Mayans are not peace loving mathematician astronomers.

6:56: They developed their own writing system.

7:18: Nova: Cracking the Mayan code.

8:39: Dropping a Mellor into a Mayan society. It's a smorgasbord!

10:11: Mayan God Kings were the head of a personality cult. This may have helped lead to the collapse of their cities.

10:43: The Mayans are still living in the Yucatan today.

11:36: Missionaries converted the heathens. Christianity co-ops the local traditions.

13:23: The Mayan state was a caste system.

14:00: How to work the caste system.

14:10: Dealing with the legend of Kukulcan, Queztacoatl. Mayan religion in general.

15:19: The Mayan culture is the culture of personal sacrifice.

15:47: The Mayans were into all kinds of drugs.

16:47:  Trepanning for fun and profit.

18:09: Skull shaping by the Mayan.

18:28: Corn came from Southern North America or Central America.

19:12: Trade in Mayan Society.

19:48: No beasts of burden to provide labor. Guns, Germs, and Steel – [Fringeworthy GM’s read this book!]

20:26: Mayans had a very efficient agriculture that was did in by drought.

20:52: Mixtecs and Chichimecs invaded the Yucatan.

21:45: What kind of adventure to run in the Amazon.

22:04: Massive cultures in the Amazon that were wiped out by plague.

23:23: Most fertile soil in the world: Terra preta.

23:52: They would be friendly to foreigners.

24:22: Watch your step in the Mayans cities.

25:37: No Incas, but the Tiahuanaco built massive structures in the Andes. Tiwanaku – Pre-Incan Peruvians.

25:58: Chariots of the Clods.

27:02: Ancient Astronauts exist on some worlds.

27:18: The Nasca lines are being drawn. What were they for? Paths.

28:40: Having your PCs run into a Mayan raid on another Mayan city.

29:32: The different terrains that the Mayan lived in and their roads.

31:00: Fighting folks with obsidian swords.

32:01: Gas them with CS if you have the choice.

32:44: Flying over the Mayans.

33:36: Cortez didn't play by the rules.

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