Episode 32: How big is BIG?

July 11th, 2010

This week Blix and Bruce discuss how differences in scale can radically change the nature of an adventure and any solutions to problems presented in the adventure.  Why this is important in a science fiction game.

01:20 – Dealing with super fast speeds in space.

Astronomical Unit, Speed of Light

04:10 – Saving an entire society and dealing with large scale problems.

06:30 – Dealing with the small scale.

13:20 – The scope of the adventures and campaigns. Little game time requires a small scope. Lots of games time allows for bigger scope.

18:50 – Fringe Pirate example of story arcs.

24:20 – Running one adventure after another with no big arcs.

25:50 – Know your players. Only run scopes as big as their desires.

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