In this episode we talk to Bruce about his new group running in the middle campaign. we then go on to discuss the middle campaign in general. We wrap it up with a little discussion about the upcoming Fringeworthy Savage Worlds edition.

This was originally part of the water vehicles episode but this bit ran fairly long. Sooooo, I stripped it out into it's own short episode. Think of this past week as two mini-episodes rather than one long one. The water vehicle episode will be posted in the next day or two.


Oh, and post some comments dagonit!

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  • tritacsystems

    Bruce Sheffer here with a few campaign notes. The team was abducted by the skinnies and are in a middle of a battle for control of the submarine that is taking them across the great lakes.

    The battle is running slowly because they currently don’t have many high damage weapons but they are winning slowly because their better saves allow them to keep from being knocked out by heavy damage. One character has such a good armor class (wearing practically no armor) that he hasn’t taken a lick of damage during the combat. This is great since he is the medic and will be needed to treat the injuries of the rest when the battle is over.

    I hope he and the rest of the team realize this and don’t let him take the brunt of the boss battle they’ve just entered into.

    One character’s pocket tazer has come in handy since it was not recognized as a weapon and not removed previously.

    My only complaint is that they haven’t taken enough time to question any of their opponents so they are continuing to operate with low tactics.

    May 17, 2010 at 9:46 am