Episode 18 Fringe Vehicles 2

March 14th, 2010

We showed you which vehicles could work with the standard technology of Earth Prime.  Now we go with the workhouse engine for most fringe exploration before we jump off to the really high tech with gravity powered vehicles, fringe trains, and the fringeworthy people mover.

02:30 – Diesel Engines: The most common and useful type of fringe vehicle.


12:50 – RV that can carry a car.


13:10 – The diesel motorcycle.


19:50 – Cable powered vehicles.

26:50 - Physics disclaimer.

27:50 – Gravity powered vehicle.


 42:45 – Tehrmelern Fringe Trains. EXCLUSIVE SECRET REVEALED!!!!

As promised, to call a fringe train you need two different crystals.  Any two will do except you cannot use the black crystal which is only used for station to station travel on a prime.  However, as per the FW bible, calling the train is also a crystal use with a DL of 5.

55:30 – The Fringe Conveyer.

58:40 – Cat Bus


Challenge: Physics masters, what do you think of the gravity shear drive?

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