Episode 153: Take Back Earth Prime from the Mellor part 2

January 7th, 2013

This week we conclude our discussion on how to defeat the mellor invasion of Earth Prime.  We jump right into it after just a minute or so of review so you might want to listen to the first part again where we explained how quickly the mellor could create a massive assault force while undermining defense efforts with biological attacks and command replacement by mellor 4th columnists.

We concluded last time that after one month, there isn't any Earth Prime worth taking back.

We cover all the possible help you can get from the many worlds on the Fringepath that would be available in the middle campaign (-20 to + 20 nodes).    You, of course, may have many more worlds that your gm has added to your campaign that aren't part of our standard Fringe Map product.  We fully recommend that you use all the resources your GM will let you get your hands on.  The Mellor are that tough.

While we conclude that we will be continuing with a final, late campaign, example of EP taken over by the Coptics, Richard Tucholka has asked us to table that while he and Trav work out the details.  Sorry for the delay, but the final result will be awesome.

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