Episode 15: Protection - Packing for Success

February 21st, 2010

This week our hosts discuss how wearing the right protective gear can make all the difference in an encounter.  Straight armor and differences between systems is noted plus protective gear vrs hazards such as fire, noxious fumes, and nerve gas. 

We also discuss the best defense: a good offense - Weapons.  Each host lists his favorite weapon loadouts and why for both general exploration and mellor hunting.

00:01:30 – Equipment as feats that you can buy.

00:02:30 – How body armor works.

Chainmail shark suits. Kevlar. Dragon Armor

00:10:35 – Armoring your vehicle.

Armored Cars

00:14:00 – Other aspects of body armor.

00:16:00 – Armor Proficiency.

00:16:30 – Protection Against Gas

Personal oxygen,  John Varly, Mustard Gas, Nerve Gas

00:24:20 – Favorite Weapons of John Reiher.

AK47, Luger

00:26:05 – Favorite Weapons of Blix

Shotgun, Variable Rounds, M1911

00:28:15 – Favorite Weapons of Bruce Sheffer

.22 Machine GunCalico

00:30:15 – Specialty hi-tech rounds.

Electro Chemical Weaponry Frangible bullets.

00:35:00 – Blix talks assault weaponry.

FN P90

00:36:00 – What’s your weight load?

00:37:10 – John talks about the GE XM-214 Mini-Gun

00:39:50 – What about explosives?

Grenades, Pizio Electric

00:43:10 – 20mm and other big weaponry

20mm Rounds, Maxim Guns

00:46:00 – How would you defend your platform?

00:54:00 – What melee weapon do you prefer?

01:00:00 – What is your favorite Mellor hunting weapon?


A few more links…

D20 Modern Weapons Drive Thru RPG Guns Guns Guns


Challenge: How do you equip you characters for combat? Send us your weapon load and we’ll post it in the show notes or talk about it on an upcoming show!




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