Episode 120: The Golden Horde Pt 1

May 20th, 2012

This week we explore putting a member of a member of the Mongol Empire in your exploring party for Fringeworthy.  As one of the alternate earths in Fringeworthy goes to where the golden horde conquered the world, this is very possible.  We explore the beginnings of such a culture and how that culture would clash with that of a 21st century viewpoint.

Also we want to remind everyone to sign up for our game sessions at Gencon Indy 2012.  We are having a huge presence this year with lots of slots, but they go fast so be ready to register on May 20th.  Information can be found at the Gencon Indy site at https://registration.gencon.com

go to find events.

Search under keyword Fringeworthy, Bureau 13, or Hardwired Hinterland

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