Episode 12: Adventuring in the Far Past

February 1st, 2010

We visit the far past this week to the earliest days of man. “Me Ug. This friend Gug”. Right up to Ancient Rome and the dawn of civilization. We get a little technical but we throw in a lot of great adventure ideas along the way.

00:02:22 – The technical Fringe aspects of the time period, cause it’s not time travel.

00:03:40 – The Stone Age, old and new.

Paleolithic Age, Neolithic Age

00:09:27 – Adventures in the stone age.

Harry Turtledove, Between the Rivers

00:23:20 – Early civilizations, the Bronze Age, and the first cities.

Bronze Age Earliest Cities, Monoculture, Guns, Germs, and Steel

00:30:00 – The Iron Age.

Iron Age, Coal

00:36:20 – The first renaissance, cool ancient world tech, and the Library of Alexandria.

Antikythera Mechanism, The Rise and Fall of Alexandria,

00:43:50 – Fringeworthy adventure ideas.

00:46:20 – Mesoamerica: Aztecs, Olmecs, and Mayans.

Mayan Cities, Olmec Cities, Olmec Civilization, Aztec

00:49:30 – The land of Atlantis.

00:52:00 – Other Fringeworthy adventure ideas. Cool ideas of things to do in the past.

Coral Castle

00:58:40 – Ancient medical practices.

01:01:00 – Show wrap up.

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