Episode 11: Dinosaurs

January 24th, 2010

RRRAAAAWWWWW!!!!!! This week your intrepid hosts sink their teeth into adding dinosaurs to your favorite interdimensional exploration game. We talk about how to run a dinosaur infested world, and more importantly, how to survive in one. 

For all you need to know about dinosaurs Wikipedia - Dinos, Wikipedia - Megafauna DinoBase, Natural History Museum and Dino Art.


02:00 – The time shifted angle. What would be the attitude that dinosaurs would most likely take towards travelers.

11:25 – Capturing samples from past to study in the future.

12:20 – Hi-tech in the dino world.

15:00 – Intelligent dinosaurs.


18:43 – Fringe dinos. Dinosaurs that have traveled the fringepath or were put there by the tehrmelern

19:45 – Tzel, dino race?

20:00 – Other planets like Venus & Mars having dinos.


22:45 – Hollow earth type world.

24:30 – How to kill a T-Rex.

26:20 – Megafauna. A little closer to our timeline but just as fun, cool, and nasty as dinos.

28:45 – Dinosaur environments.

30:00 – Dino-Plants! Feel free to make up stuff that didn’t actually exist.

31:00 – Alternate ecological. A modern world with evolved dinosaurs.

32:00 – Adventure ideas and wrap up.

 A short one this time but quite interesting, enjoy.

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