Episode 10: Inside the Mellor

January 18th, 2010

This episode…. Mellors! We talk about the dreaded mushy monsters of the Fringepaths. You’ll find out why they are so nasty and how to use them most effectively. This is a great episode for player and game masters alike.

00:01:32 - Why mellors are so scary.

00:02:45 - How you should play a mellor.

00:05:35 - The mellor’s goals.

00:06:47 - How mellors can get onto the fringepath.

00:07:25 - Can an old mellor travel on the fringepaths in his natural form and why can’t mellor travel on the paths?

00:09:55 - Psionics vs. mellors.

00:11:25 - The purposes/jobs of the old mellors and how they were able to accomplish them.

00:15:25 - What mellors are like when they turn.

00:19:15 - Why are their different types of mellors?

00:23:00 - Mellor hierarchy.

00:25:45 - What happens when a party makes “contact” with mellors.

00:29:18 - How each type of mellor operate.

00:38:28 - All about the mellor’s shape change ability.

00:44:50 - How experienced a party should be before they run into mellors.

00:48:10 - Info for the game master on how to use the mellor.

00:50:45 - Mellor as other “monsters” like zombies, vampires, and demons.

00:53:10 - Mellors as conquers.

00:54:48 - Variant mellors. Mellors that are affected by the creatures they try to imitate (mental illness, were-mellors, etc.)

00:59:10 - Mellors aren’t the toughest things you can run into.

01:02:50 - Mellor’s natural enemies.

01:05:17 - Final thoughts on using mellors.

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