Episode 20: Fringe in Space

March 28th, 2010

For this episode we talk about Fringe in Space! What takes to get into space, where you can go once you're there, and what sort of adventures you can have in space! Oh the places you can go to in space, and you can bike there with ease!

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of space travel, we recommend the renown web site: The Atomic Rocket Page! Put together by Winchell Chung, also renown as the man who first drew an Ogre Mk V and the artist for that other Metagaming favorite, Warpwar.

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Episode 19: Transhumanism

March 21st, 2010

Welcome to James P. Buchanan.  He is our guest this week, the best expert on transhumanism I know.


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Episode 18 Fringe Vehicles 2

March 14th, 2010

We showed you which vehicles could work with the standard technology of Earth Prime.  Now we go with the workhouse engine for most fringe exploration before we jump off to the really high tech with gravity powered vehicles, fringe trains, and the fringeworthy people mover.

02:30 – Diesel Engines: The most common and useful type of fringe vehicle.


12:50 – RV that can carry a car.


13:10 – The diesel motorcycle.


19:50 – Cable powered vehicles.

26:50 - Physics disclaimer.

27:50 – Gravity powered vehicle.


 42:45 – Tehrmelern Fringe Trains. EXCLUSIVE SECRET REVEALED!!!!

As promised, to call a fringe train you need two different crystals.  Any two will do except you cannot use the black crystal which is only used for station to station travel on a prime.  However, as per the FW bible, calling the train is also a crystal use with a DL of 5.

55:30 – The Fringe Conveyer.

58:40 – Cat Bus


Challenge: Physics masters, what do you think of the gravity shear drive?

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Episode 17: Fringe enabled vehicles

March 7th, 2010

This week we do part 1 of our study of what options for vehicles that actually can work on the Fringepaths. (Links will be added soon!)

1:09 Introduction: Fringe enabled vehicles. The problems and pitfalls.

2:09 In the beginning, we talk about the history of vehicles on the pathways.

2.31 Bicycles: Mountain, Touring bikes. Why bikes are easy to use on the pathways. You can carry much more and tow trailers. We mention Modular bikes and custom built bikes.


6:12 The Human Car.


8:00 Converting a railway car for the Fringe paths.



10:33 Walking, the ultimate travel method.

13:20 Flywheel storage vehicles. Traditional Flywheels. High Tech Flywheels. Gyrobuses, electric power.


19:03 Compressed Air vehicles. The Air Car. The City Car.


24:48 Wind Powered vehicle: The Wing Sail Car. Air Currents on the Fringe Path. Vento Mobile.



30:26 Time to travel doesn't matter, unless it does. Especially when you're being chased by Fringe Pirates.

33:36 Flying to the portal. Using a Sail Plane glider to travel. Or, get a flying squirrel suit and fly like Superman!


45:41 Steam Power! Victorians use steam power to travel the pathways. Steam buses, steam lorries. The Victorians use a custom built vehicles. You need to recycle the steam otherwise you run out of water. Steam car in a day. The Stanley Steamer.


54:24 Gas powered turbines. Limitations of using them on the pathways.


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Episode 16: Mix Mash

March 1st, 2010

This week we mix it up. We had three segments that came up on three different shows. None of these segments were relative to the topic of the show and none of them were long enough to run as their own show.

Sooooo.... we decided to put them together into one "mix mash" show.

01:02 Topic 1: Listener Mail

Billion6 asks "Does IDET hire alien fringewalkers?"

12:00 Topic 2: Fringeworthy Bible

We talk about the little know Fringeworthy Bible. This is the ruleset that the designers have agreed to work under in order to keep the universe consistent.

15:45 Topic 3: Get Involved!

We talk about ways to get involved in the promotion of Fringeworthy and how we can help you with that.

That's it. We hope you like it. Tune in next week for another episode in our regular format.

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