Episode 6: Cool Equipment… er, Interpersonal Relationships at IDET?

November 30th, 2009

Well folks, if you think we stray from the topic from time to time, this is the big one. We started out talking about all the cool stuff you can find and what to do with it and somehow wound up talking about interpersonal relationships at IDET. I guess we’ll have to revisit this topic at some point but never fear, the discussion was actually a very good one. We go into a lot of what should be going on in your campaigns back at IDET. It’s a short episode but it’s packed with a lot of good stuff, enjoy!

01:51 What happens to the cool stuff you find on the pathways?

The team discusses what will IDET do with stuff the players turn in, and how do you encourage them to turn in the cool stuff they find and what happens when they don’t.

11:50 Mellor Sex Shop

Clean description but interesting sidetrack on weird stuff to find.

12:33 Drop message system

A way to leave messages on the platform for equipment drops for problem portals.

14:44 Team Interrelations

Ways to intermingle other IDET members with the party members to increase role playing plot points.

19:57 Repairing & Prototyping Parts

What to do about getting repair parts for rare/alien items. Auto-Lathe, CAD-CAM and 3D Printing.

23:30 Security Guards

How the rotating security guards would most likely work.

24:33 Hanging with the Support Staff

The benefits of becoming friends with the support staff.

26:10 Team Advocate

The benefits of having a team advocate.

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