Episode 115: Fringeworthy - Late Campaign Forbidden Portals

April 16th, 2012

This week we continue our exploration of the late campaign and how it is different from the middle and early campaign.

We are joined by Fringeworthy creator, Richard Tucholka for more previously unknown Fringe Lore.

Specifically we discuss those portals to Alternate Earths and Other Places that are not explored until the late campaign.  What makes them different?  Why wait until the late campaign?  How does advanced crystal use allow us more options and strategies.

If you've wondered why play a mature Fringeworthy campaign, this episode will give you all the reasons you need.

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Episode 99: Bureau 13 Basic Equipment part 2

December 19th, 2011

Welcome back to our last double digit episode.  We continue to discuss the basic, essential equipment needed for every bureau 13 investigation. 

Be sure to listen next week for our Christmas Episode which is also our 100th episode.

Thanks for all the support.

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Episode 98: Basic Bureau 13 Equipment

December 12th, 2011

This week we begin our coverage of basic Bureau 13 equipment loadouts.  What should be used and available in a modern supernatural espionage investigation? 

Blix is out but pops in for a second.

We have an audio issue this episode.  Sorry but this is the best we can do.  Future episodes will be much better.

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Episode 88: Being a Trader pt 1

October 3rd, 2011

This week we begin our discussion on being a trader in your campaign.  What benefits there are to the role of a trader.  What are some of the better kinds for various purposes.  What are the dangers and pitfalls to avoid.

This week episode is 1/2 hour to complement episode 87 which was also just a 1/2 hour.  Next week we finish with a full hour long episode.

Links for this episode:

Pocket Stop: Simon Of Vandenburg's Essential Goods

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Episode 82: Swim Suit Edition

August 21st, 2011

This week we take off for the beach.  Jay Libby joins us for a romp across the sands as we cast off our preconceptions on what an adventure should be and soak in the inspiring rays of the sun.  We scrunch our toes in the conundrum of whether our characters are ever off the job and can enjoy a golden afternoon with their worst enemy.

So belly up to the bar and order an unbrella drink on us

Show Notes:

What kind of adventures would be interesting if they occured on or near the beach?  

What adventures already exist from various sources that use a beach as a center piece?  

  • beach bunny bimbos with blasters
  • shadow over insmouth
  • any D-day adventure
  • pirates
  • thunderball
  • dr No
  • sea hunt
  • blood beach
  • club paradise
  • horror of party beach
  • Thunder in paradise    

Beach associated locations:

  • art gallery
  • amusement park
  • aquarium
  • cannery
  • marina
  • outlet for storm drain
  • aquatic arcology
  • hotel strip
  • hot dog stand  

Danger Island -- A Mock Horror Adventure for GURPS(tm) http://www-personal.umich.edu/~superman/JPK/APA-Best-of/Danger-Island.html  

What kind of equipment would you still be wearing, carrying if you were in a swimsuit at a beach?  What kind of contingencies would you set up?   

  • shoulder bag with additional gear and/or 13th pocket.  This shoulder bag goes over the back with strap across chest which provides storage but wearer can swim and run normally - hands free
  • submerged gear
  • buried gear
  • remote delivery gear
  • remote control seeking vehicles (big tire not hover)  

swim suits: 

  • string,
  • athletic bikini,
  • one piece,
  • triathelon, wet suit  

string - any suit that is designed primary for legal modesty and to draw attention to body attributes.  Does not limit mobility except for modesty reasons.

athletic bikini - bare midriff with good support and good sand protection one piece - best support, skin coverage while still showing off body lines

triathelon - designed to be used in or out of water with thigh to neck skin coverage.  Provides support for additional equipment.  Maximum legal protection

Wet suit - maximum thermal protection.  best non-magical threat protection that doesn't raise too many eyebrows.  Hot out of water.  Limits mobility  

Why Sun tan lotion is your best friend

  1. Should not be used to protect skin in rpg - burns not fun
  2. Can be used to write message
  3. both a physical and social lubricant  
  4. bonus to wriggling out of bonds (escape artist) or grapple checks  
  5. bonus to sliding  
  6. bonus to chemical or burning material spray  
  7. can be used as a social ice breaker and then used to distract  
  8. minus to hide  

bureau 13: 

  • watch (waterproof),
  • cell phone (kirilean detector),
  • c4 tennis shoes,
  • bureau lighter,
  • 13th pocket


  • comm link
  • watch
  • high tension cord
  • knife

it is always good to keep some cord on you.  Can be worn as a belt or strap for bag.  

Do you ever assume you are off the clock?  Would you share a tray of umbrella drinks with Mathias Bolt for just one golden afternoon?  

  1. all off the clock - dress for show
  2. most off the clock - off dress for show but with good shoes,
  3. on the clock should wear triathelon suit and carry bag with additional equipment. 

How does it change the threat level if the big bad is also in a swim suit (note Cthuthu in a swim suit is the ultimate no change in threat level)?   How does it inform the adventure and your tactics when you are in a highly visible, populated, and possibly congested area?

What impromptu equipment can you find on the beach?

  • propane tanks for explosives
  • tiki torches and fuel for splash weapons and flame thrower
  • tiki torch holders make nasty spears
  • rocks in towel makes a sling or a bunch makes a club
  • kevlar covered rescue floats for shields
  • electrical devices for shocking
  • Life Guard med kit for first aid
  • beach patrol atv for mobility, attacking and fleeing
  • Jet Ski with tow rope for clotheslining aquatic foes - maybe grab and pull on land?
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Episode 23: Air vehicles

April 25th, 2010

This week we turn our eyes skyward as wondrous vehicles fill the heavens with explorers no doubt.  Join us as we discuss the best vehicles for exploration and travel.


0:00 types of vehicles --exploration --long distance --bad land or water access

3:30 surveillance -- drones -- balloons -- limits of drones and how to surmount them.

10:30 Powered Parasails and Powered Hang gliders.

16:30 The personal Jet wing - Yves Rossy: Rocket Man

17:15 Jet packs historically, earlier FW editions, and possible workable jet packs

24:45 When things go wrong - Ballistic Parachute

25:40 Wing Suits mention - we discussed these extensively in the Fringe Vehicles podcast

28:30 Aircraft - Fixed Wing

32:45 Lighter than air ships


Goodyear Blimp


The current feasible limit for air ship cargo is 450 tons.  However there are no existing airships that can carry this amount.


39:15 Supertech Airship

Vaccuum lift airship

Tarzan at the Earth's Core 41:30 Hot lift Airship Aerogel

43:15 Airship in action in FW adventure

46:15 Why long range vehicles have to be big

48:30 What kinds of airplanes have proven durability Douglas DC-3 C-130 Hercules

50:45 How to maintain aircraft - does it take a village? -- roll out airstrip

55:00 Some worlds just love airplanes --Thunderbirds --Crimson Skies -- Tale Spin --Bushwacking --Northern Exposure

59:15 Helicopters

01:03:00 Blue Sky vehicles

--Mecha --Dragons --Dinotopia --Gor --Wind Whales of Ishmael --Banshees of Avatar --Brooms --Flying Carpets --Celestial Matters --Integral Trees --human powered flight

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Episode 21 Land Vehicles

April 4th, 2010

This week we talk about all the different kinds of vehicles you can use for your land explorations from trucks to assault vehicles and more.

02:00 vehicles have to match the look of vehicles on the world or it will raise notice.

03:00 first recon use dirt bike

05:00 keeping motorcycles quiet (mufflers or electric engine)  Issues with air powered bikes?






07:50 electrifying your electric bike or securing your bike

08:46 Segway across the prairies?




09:31 Don't forget mountain bikes


10:30 Emergency boost from electric motor on standard mountain bike


12:00 ATV

12:20 6 wheeled bug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0wOyY4pEnQ

15:00 using bugs as crawlers

18:50 Larger vehicles (2 wheels means double axle) (for transport, recon, mobile home base)

21:30 armor on vehicles


22:00 The one and only Landmaster


26:30 Exploration vehicles don't have to be commercially feasible so cost isn't a factor.

29:00 Tehrmelern vehicles


30:00 Attack or rescue vehicles

bradley troop carrier




Desert Fast Attack Vehicles?






combat tactical vehicle



Bullet point article on Wizard site for creating stats for vehicles.


39:00 specialty vehicles

bridge building vehicle

road laying vehicle

road train

DUKR (duck)

fire truck

water reclamation vehicle

43:45 antique vehicles can be found on time shifted alternates as new.

47:50 animal mounts still valid on worlds (not on fringe)

55:00 fuel substitutes for diesel engines.

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Episode 20: Fringe in Space

March 28th, 2010

For this episode we talk about Fringe in Space! What takes to get into space, where you can go once you're there, and what sort of adventures you can have in space! Oh the places you can go to in space, and you can bike there with ease!

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of space travel, we recommend the renown web site: The Atomic Rocket Page! Put together by Winchell Chung, also renown as the man who first drew an Ogre Mk V and the artist for that other Metagaming favorite, Warpwar.

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Episode 18 Fringe Vehicles 2

March 14th, 2010

We showed you which vehicles could work with the standard technology of Earth Prime.  Now we go with the workhouse engine for most fringe exploration before we jump off to the really high tech with gravity powered vehicles, fringe trains, and the fringeworthy people mover.

02:30 – Diesel Engines: The most common and useful type of fringe vehicle.


12:50 – RV that can carry a car.


13:10 – The diesel motorcycle.


19:50 – Cable powered vehicles.

26:50 - Physics disclaimer.

27:50 – Gravity powered vehicle.


 42:45 – Tehrmelern Fringe Trains. EXCLUSIVE SECRET REVEALED!!!!

As promised, to call a fringe train you need two different crystals.  Any two will do except you cannot use the black crystal which is only used for station to station travel on a prime.  However, as per the FW bible, calling the train is also a crystal use with a DL of 5.

55:30 – The Fringe Conveyer.

58:40 – Cat Bus


Challenge: Physics masters, what do you think of the gravity shear drive?

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Episode 17: Fringe enabled vehicles

March 7th, 2010

This week we do part 1 of our study of what options for vehicles that actually can work on the Fringepaths. (Links will be added soon!)

1:09 Introduction: Fringe enabled vehicles. The problems and pitfalls.

2:09 In the beginning, we talk about the history of vehicles on the pathways.

2.31 Bicycles: Mountain, Touring bikes. Why bikes are easy to use on the pathways. You can carry much more and tow trailers. We mention Modular bikes and custom built bikes.


6:12 The Human Car.


8:00 Converting a railway car for the Fringe paths.



10:33 Walking, the ultimate travel method.

13:20 Flywheel storage vehicles. Traditional Flywheels. High Tech Flywheels. Gyrobuses, electric power.


19:03 Compressed Air vehicles. The Air Car. The City Car.


24:48 Wind Powered vehicle: The Wing Sail Car. Air Currents on the Fringe Path. Vento Mobile.



30:26 Time to travel doesn't matter, unless it does. Especially when you're being chased by Fringe Pirates.

33:36 Flying to the portal. Using a Sail Plane glider to travel. Or, get a flying squirrel suit and fly like Superman!


45:41 Steam Power! Victorians use steam power to travel the pathways. Steam buses, steam lorries. The Victorians use a custom built vehicles. You need to recycle the steam otherwise you run out of water. Steam car in a day. The Stanley Steamer.


54:24 Gas powered turbines. Limitations of using them on the pathways.


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