Episode 535: Incursion Comes back to Earth part 1

September 27th, 2020

When the Ardana Nu and the other ships finally find their way home, what kind of reception will they receive?

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Episode 534: The SCP Foundation

September 20th, 2020

This week we uncover a competing supernatural agency to Bureau 13.  This shared worldspace can provide lots of adventure seeds and artifacts to your B13 campaign.  Join us as we tell  Secure, Control, and Protect.

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Episode 533: Incursion a 3 2 1 Retrospective

September 13th, 2020

This week we review all of the incursion versions from Tri Tac and give our perspective on how they fit together and what versions you might want to play.

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Episode 532: Fringeworthy in High Magic Worlds Part 2

September 6th, 2020

The Fringeworthy try to finally rid Forgotten Realms of the Coptic threat.  Can they do it?

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